Marketing Events Trainee (Full-Time)


Marketing Events Trainee

Oasis Communications - Bothell, Washington 


The team at Oasis Communications, Inc. is always growing. Our company has recently added an additional client to our high-profile list and with our constant growth and achievements the request for our business is in high demand.

  • A competitive salary with weekly pay (because everyone prefers being paid weekly)
  • A flexible work schedule (no need to work on your birthday, but if you do we’ll probably sing for you)
  • Unlimited growth potential within the company & no seniority (You will never get passed up on an earned promotion just because someone else has worked here longer)
  • One on one individualized training (We want to work with you at your own pace and we understand that everyone has their own style of learning)
  • We promote only from within (No one appreciated being trained by someone that has never worked in the position they are training for)
  • We take Yearly R&R’s (We understand that sometimes everyone deserves to just get away)
  • We provide quarterly conferences (In an ever-changing industry we do what it takes to stay ahead of the game)

We seek these specific characteristics in our employees:

  • Innovation (Our campaigns are ever changing and we seek those out-of-the-box thinkers that are always coming up with new ideas)
  • Student Mentality (we don’t stop learning after our college years, the marketing industry is ever evolving)
  • Enjoyment of working in a group (We promote team work because we all know what T.E.A.M stands for)
  • Fun (We enjoying working hard, but we also enjoy having fun while doing so)
  • Leadership (We look for those that want to lead, train and mentor others)

If you have what it takes to become a part of the team apply today! We participate in event promotions. Branding for our clients is our man priority. We do not do any door to door, business to business, telemarketing or strict commission sales. No experience is necessary; training is provided for those candidates that qualify.

Important Qualifications:

  • Competitive, individuals to take our company to the next level.
  • Determined to satisfy client needs
  • Demonstrate great communication & personal skills
  • Show leadership skills
  • Have a take-charge personality
  • Have a business mindset
  • Sports minded

This is not a door to door, B2B or telemarketing position! All our positions are salary based with a bonus and commission structure on top. If you are interested in a full time, salary based position with the opportunity to advance into management, apply today!



Via HuskyJobs ID #112272

Application Due By March 27