Majors & Careers

The Career Decision Pyramid

Where are you in the Career Decision-Making Process?

The pyramid will help identify your personal level of career clarity and the resources and services that can assist you in progressing toward a career decision.

To use the pyramid, review the following five career decision-making levels. Select the statement that best represents your situation, then take advantage of the UW Bothell career resources and services listed below each level.

pyramid level 5- I know the specific occupation i want to pursue, but have not made a final decision

pyramid level 4-I cant decide between two or three occupations

Pyramid level 3-I am interested in four to six specific occupations

pyramid level 2- I am interested in one to three broad fields, but need help identifying specific occupations

Pyramid Level 1-I don't know which careers i should consider


The average college graduate changes careers 3 or more times in their lifetime!

Get more information about careers at WOIS, the career information system. (Please note: This resource is only available on-campus.)