Technical Resume Sample

Technical Resume Sample


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Programming Languages: C, C++, Java, JavaScript, HTML

Engineering Software: AutoCAD, Matlab, ProE, MathCad

Operating Systems: Android, Windows, iOS, Linux

Web Design: XML, Adobe InDesign, PHP, DHTML


Bachelor of Science in Computing and Software Systems                                      Expected - June 2017
University of Washington Bothell


Retail Website Design,Web Programming and Design                                                              Spring 2016

  • Programmed database and search bar system, using C++ to integrate convenient, user friendly interface
  • Designed a website using Squarespace to showcase clothing apparel from various shopping sites
  • Collaborated with 4 team members to test performance, relatability and code of the retail website

Grading Software, Computer Science Principles                                                                       Spring 2016

  • Developed program to output summary of classes and grades with a given input file by reading in weights, IDs, course numbers, midterm scores and final scores per student using Scanner and try-catch
  • Calculated statistics for 10+ students and 3 classes to report the weighted average, a pass/fail mark, and average exam score per class using for-loops and if-statements to compute and print tables of each students’ information and grades

Self-Ordering Pizzeria, Fundamentals of Computing                                                             Autumn 2015

  • Performed team-designed program for users to order and customize pizza based on size and toppings
  • Implemented and tested the code by creating several pizzas and outputting their descriptions using print statements and private instance variables to store size of pizza (small, medium, or large), and number of meat and/or veggie toppings
  • Computed total cost of pizza order using Scanner, if-statements, and methods to prompt the user for choice of size and toppings, while printing each additional cost of size, meat, and/or veggie by adding the total value of each customization


Software Development Intern, Adecco                                                                                 2015 – Present

  • Build ultrasound technology utilizing C++ and InDesign to code and create a friendly and easily accessible user interface that caters to user of all technological capabilities
  • Collaborate and discuss program requirements with a diverse clientele and a development team of 4 to ensure parameters and hospital need requirements
  • Engineer and program prototypes with a team of 4 members by combining C++ codes and building test models for clients approval

CS Teaching Assistant, Teaching Education and Literacy in Schools (TEALS)                    Summer 2015

  • Supported computer science (CS) programs in Bothell High School by collaborating with trained CS professionals, developing lesson plans, and partnering with teachers to implement programming
  • Taught 35+ students, between the ages 15-18, Java programming basics through a variety of different methods including one-on-one tutoring, lesson plans, and lectures
  • Assisted with teaching Java language, with a variety of different methods including, if-statements, for-loops, while-loops, try-catch, through BlueJae