Resumes, Letters & Interviews


Additional video: How to Ace an Interview: 5 tips from a Harvard Career Advisor


Confirming the Interview

Your hiring success begins before you apply for a job. All correspondence with a potential employer is evidence using to hire, or not hire you. Think of each step of the process as part of an interview.

Interview Etiquette

Interviews are all about making a good impression. There are many facets to consider such as conversation strategies, body language, and attire that could affect your big moment.

How to Respond to Interview Questions

In-Person Interviews

Prepare. Your answers and appearance are very important during an interview. Anticipate the questions your interviewer may ask as well as the ones you should. Update and edit your web presence and social networking sites.

Phone and Skype Interviews

Employers use telephone and Skype interviews as a way of screening candidates in order to narrow the pool of applicants who will be invited for in-person interviews. We can help you make the cut!

Practicing is essential to making a good impression. Have your stories and answers ready by scheduling a practice phone interview with the Career Center.

After the Interview

Don't make the same mistake as all the others. There's more to do after an interview whether or not you are offered the job.


Schedule a mock interview!

Schedule an appointment with us to practice and prepare your interviewing skills with an Assistant Career Advisor. Bring a job description with you so we can tailor the mock interview to the role you're apply for.