Full Time Job Cover Letter Sample

Full Time Job Cover Letter Sample

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As a teacher graduating from the University of Washington Bothell K-8 Teacher Certification Program, I am writing in regards to the teaching position available at John Hay Elementary School.  My goals as a teacher are to provide individualized education to all students and to be an advocate for their learning. In an increasingly diverse world, it is important to incorporate different cultures, customs, and beliefs into daily curriculum so as to foster individual student success.

The John Hay Elementary TEACH philosophy of engaging students through innovative teaching and their dedication to active family involvement appeals to me because I believe schools are much more than educational institutions; they are a community.  Schools are the glue that keeps communities strong and vibrant and the opportunity to be a part of this organization inspires and excites me.  My ability to engage students in learning through hands on active lesson plans and my desire to be a part of a collaborative team environment would make me a good fit for John Hay Elementary school. 

My student teaching has provided me the opportunity to work in a variety of classroom settings ranging from Title-1 to private school.  The Title-1 kindergarten classroom I volunteered in was situated in a community where frequent student relocation was common.  This student turnover required lesson planning that could incorporate a diverse population, as well as a customized instructional approach.   I learned that each child deserves to reach their full potential no matter what adversities they may be facing and that their excitement for learning drives my passion as an educator.

I look forward to meeting with you to discuss the opportunity to contribute to the John Hay team.  Please feel free to contact me if I can provide additional information or references for my application.


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