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Career fair success: getting started

Career fair success: getting started

Career fairs are a great way to learn about specific employers, explore your career options, research the demand for your field and skills, and connect with job and internship openings.

What to expect

Career fairs at the UW Bothell vary in size from about 30 employers to 60. When you enter a fair, you will see company representatives standing or sitting by tables displaying information about their companies. 

Employers are there to increase their brand presence at UW Bothell, tell students about their organization, and seek both intern and job candidates. 

How to prepare

Look over the list of employers attending that is available on the Career Services webpage, under Events. Prioritize your top employers and arrive early. 

Practice your introduction and be prepared to talk about the type of position you are seeking and how your studies, activities, projects, strengths and interests are a fit. 

Prepare a resume targeted to the positions you are interested in. Bring more copies than the number of employers you plan on talking to. 

Dress like you would for an interview and present yourself professionally. 

What to talk about

You should practice an introduction (about 30 seconds) that tells an employer about you. This can include information about your major, career interests, skills, activities and experiences, or research that you've done about their company. 

A career fair is the perfect place to ask employers questions. These can be about the company, positions that are available, or advice for being successful job or intern candidate with their organization. 

Follow up after the fair

Ask for business cards and write down names so that you can follow up with the recruiter after the fair. 

Follow their instructions after the fair. They may tell you to apply online - make sure you do it! 

Starting the conversation 

Example #1: General Career Fair Interaction

Student: Hello, I'm [your name]. 

Employer/Recruiter: introduces themselves and shakes your hand. 

Student: I am a [fill in the blank] major with an emphasis on [your particular area of focus if it is related to the employer]. I'm very interested in [fill in whatever the organization does], and would like to learn more about what internship/job opportunities your company offers. 

Employer: [Mentions internship/job opportunities]

Student: That sounds very interesting! What skills, background, and experience are needed to qualify for your entry level positions? 

Employer: [Lists some of the skills and experience they look for]

Student: Between my coursework, employment, and volunteer experience I've been able to develop a number of skills including [list some relevant skills and experience relevant to this particular employer]. What are the next steps for applying to your organization? 

Employer: [Offers information on next steps.]

Student: Thank you so much! This was very helpful. May I leave a copy of my resume with you? Could I have your business card?