LGBTQ+ students

Career resources for LGBTQIA+ students

As an individual who is queer, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, non-binary, et al., entering the workforce, you may have questions or concerns about how to approach various aspects of your job, internship or volunteer search.

Frequent career-related questions

  • Should I come "out" on the job/internship/volunteer site?
  • Should I highlight experiences with LGBTQIA+ organizations on my application materials?
  • Are there LGBTQIA+ friendly organizations/employers?
  • What should I say or not say in an interview?

Unfortunately, many of these questions do not have answers. It is up to the individual to assess their situation and comfort level regarding how open they are regarding their sexual orientation.

UW Bothell Career Services provides a safe place for students to share their career related concerns and questions while assisting you in your application processes.  Below are some resources that you may find useful. We encourage you to make an appointment as you start your job and internship search.

Job search resources

  • LGBT Career Link: Find jobs, learn about employment at diversity-friendly companies and research careers by networking with your LGBT and allied colleagues.
  • Out For Work: A nonprofit dedicated to educating, preparing, and empowering LGBTQ college students and their allies for the workplace. Includes a career library of information and conferences for students and alumni.
  • Transgender Employment Links: A collection of resources about transitioning on the job and other issues transsexual and transgendered workers and their employers may face.
  • Out Professionals: A job search and networking website including a directory of businesses, women's network, LGBT events and links, and volunteer opportunities.

Professional associations

Additional resources

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