iD Tech Instructor/Summer Intern

Instructor/Summer Intern

iD Tech - Multiple Locations (including UW Bothell)

The missino of iD Tech is to create life-changing tech experiences that embolden students to shape the future. In 1999, we pioneered the very first tech camps for kids and teens. We’ve grown from 280 to 60,000 students per year since then, spreading Silicon Valley startup culture across the nation. No other program has our track record of long-term student success, our passion, or our reputation as the nation’s go-to summer STEM educator.

As an iD Tech Instructor/Summer Intern, you’ll do more than instruct. You will be a role model. You’ll demonstrate that fun, learning, and collaboration work hand-in-hand. You will help students make their vision for their projects come to life. Through awesome activities, teambuilding games, and theme days, you will instill confidence in your students. And, you will help parents see how truly talented and knowledgeable their students are.

Instructors work 45-50 hours per week over the summer (Overnight instructors work more). Pay starts at $525/week depending on location & position.
An iD Tech instructor:
-Is passionate about teaching technology to kids and teens.
-Loves to work hard AND play hard.
-Is a flexible team player with strong communication skills.
-Has a positive attitude and a sense of humor.
-Will be at least 18 years old before their first day of work.
Qualified applicants must also demonstrate proficiency in one or more of the following areas:
-Programming in Java, Python, or C++.
-Robotics building and programming.
-Mobile App Development for iPhone, iPad & Android.
-Web Design and Digital Photography.
-Digital Video Editing.
-2D or 3D Video Game Design.
-Game Modding.
-Character Modeling.
-Cyber Security or Cryptography
-Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning
To Apply:
Apply online by March 1, 2018 at