Industrial Design Internship


Industrial Design Internship

Taphandles - Seattle, Washington

Taphandles is a high energy and collaborative award winning design and manufacturing company based in downtown Seattle. They are the leader in supporting the beer industry with the most innovative and unique product marketing available. Their products consist of tap handles, point-of-sale displays, and lighted signage for breweries across the globe. Their design-to-production cycle is short. Interns will see production samples of their design efforts in a matter of weeks. They will see production pieces hit the market in a matter of months. They will contribute to and assist in bringing concepts to life from sketch through to full 3D renderings for a variety of point-of-sale products. An intern's ability to meet tight deadlines with a high productivity rate is essential to this position. Taphandles is based in downtown Seattle close to transportation, restaurants, bars, and the waterfront. They are looking for people with a positive 'can-do' attitude who take direction well and are an “us first”, “me second” type of person. 


  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Rhino 3D
  • Zbrush
  • Rapid sketch concept ideation
  • Keyshot


  • Create innovative product design for some of the biggest brands in the world in addition to thousands of craft beer brands
  • On a typical day you will touch at least 2 projects, generating thumbnail sketches, digital renderings, and 3D Keyshot renders
  • Learn about our manufacturing capabilities such as: metal machining, wood working, urethane casting, die-casting, injection-molding, electroplating, 3D printing, artwork decoration and more.
  • Learn Rhino3D and/or ZBrush
  • Create 3D prints for your own personal designs
  • Expected to grow professionally and personally
  • Learn a lot about craft beer
  • Report to the Creative Director
  • All of this will be done in a fun, relaxed, friendly and supportive environment



Via HuskyJobs ID #109968

Application Due by January 12