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UPDATE: All appointment options with Career Services will be made through Handshake! We will no longer be using EAB Navigate as a separate scheduling system for undergrad students.

Review our appointment policies below.

Online resume and  cover letter reviews

Request an online review 

If you are an student and would like to have your resume or cover letter reviewed and returned to you with comments within two business days, enroll in this Canvas site and upload your materials under Assignments.

All students and alumni

Make an appointment

If you are an undergraduate student, graduate student*, or alumni wanting to meet with a Career Coach login to Handshake, select "Career Center" in the header bar at the top of the page, and then select "Schedule Appointment".

*Graduate and certificate STEM students: 

If you are a Graduate or Certificate student in the School of STEM, use this link to schedule a career counseling appointment with our STEM Graduate Career Counselor.

Any student or alumni (up to 3 years after graduation) can meet with us to: 

  • Explore careers 
  • Review application materials (including resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn or Handshake profiles) 
  • Prep for graduate schools 
  • Develop an internship & job search plan 
  • Practice interviewing 
  • Discuss job offers and salary negotiation tips

Video instructions for making an appointment using Handshake (2 min)

Appointment options

Resume/cover letter reviews

Career Services is here to help you through the process of formulating and tailoring your resume or cover letter to a specific job or internship. In order for us to best assist you, please:

  • Schedule an appointment for a resume/cover letter review
  • Email your resume or cover letter to before the appointment
  • Email the job description, if you have one

If you prefer to simply have written feedback, request an online review by selecting the first appointment option at the top left of this page. This allows you to enroll in a Canvas site where you can upload your resume or cover letter within the Assignments tab, and receive feedback within 2 business days.

LinkedIn/Handshake profile reviews

Create your professional profile and start connecting with alumni and industry professionals. This is a good way to market your skills; create an online resume and portfolio; get recommendations and endorsements; stay connected; and develop your network. 

  • Schedule an appointment for a LinkedIn/Handshake Review, or read these important tips to make your profile stand out!

Mock interviews

Interviews can be intimidating, especially if you are not prepared for the types of questions employers generally ask. Career Services offers one-hour practice interviews so that you can develop your interview skills and get a feel for the types of questions to prepare for. Half of this time will be for the "interview" itself; the remaining time will be spent discussing and evaluating your performance in order to improve for your actual interview. To set up this kind of appointment:

  • Schedule an appointment for a mock interview
  • Email your resume and a position description to for the appointment

Job & internship search strategies or career exploration

Schedule an appointment to discuss exploring majors and careers, or internship and job search strategies. Internships are a great way to build applicable work experience. They help you to bridge your academic experience with the world of work, and to try out different career options to find a good fit. You will be asked about the type of internships or jobs that interest you, and why. Come to your appointment prepared to discuss your work history, academic major, and future career goals. 

Come prepared

It is recommended that you update your resume before scheduling an appointment. If you would like assistance writing or updating your resume, schedule an appointment for a resume review prior to your advising appointment.

Graduate students, graduate school advising & recent graduates

Schedule an appointment with our Alumni & Graduate Career Coach to discuss how to explore career options; develop a job search strategy; learn about salary negotiation; review your portfolio; review professional applications; discuss graduate school applications; or receive alumni career advice. Recent graduates who have received a degree from UW Bothell in the past three years (36 months) are eligible to schedule appointments with our Alumni & Graduate Career Coach for no fee. Veterans have access to free coaching indefinitely.

Pre-health students

Are you a pre-health student unsure who to meet with? Use the chart below to understand how an advisor or coach can assist you.

Academic Advising

Your academic advisor can help you with:

  • How to choose the major that is the best fit for you and your goals
  • Which courses you need for your chosen health professional school and when to take them
  • How to combine major requirements with pre-health requirements
  • Selecting classes and determining your timeline for graduating from UW Bothell

Career Coaching

Meeting with a career coach can help you prepare for graduate school and your career path. Coaches can support you in:

  • Exploring which health career is the best fit for you and your goals
  • Gaining clinical experience and exposure
  • Getting involved in research and leadership opportunities
  • Reviewing your application documents and sharing job search strategies

STEM graduate students

Please visit our career resources for STEM graduate students page.

Additional resources 

Appointment policies

We base our policies and procedures on professional business etiquette and expectations of the employment community. Showing up, being prompt to appointments, and communicating if you have to cancel or will be late, are some of these important expectations.

The impact to other students is also of primary consideration because every appointment that results in a no-show takes away a time slot available to another student needing legitimate support. In addition, our staff calendars are booked daily with student appointments, meetings, class presentations, events, and programs. Because of this, we do not have the resources to respond to, and review, materials emailed to us that aren’t aligned with an appointment slot. The appointment time you schedule is our dedicated time to work with you 1:1 to provide advice and feedback on your application process. If you would like us to review materials solely virtually, communicate that to us, and provide the materials to review before your appointment time.

No-show/late cancellation policy

If you arrive more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, without notifying Career Services in advance, your appointment will be considered a “missed appointment" and you will need to reschedule.

If you need to cancel an appointment, please do so through the scheduling system at least 24 hours in advance. If it is less than 24 hours prior, call or email Career Services at 425-352-3706 to cancel your appointment. Keep in mind that same-day cancellations (especially repeat same-day cancellations) may be subject to the No Show/Late Cancellation policy (see below) at the discretion of the Career Services staff.

  • 1st notification: Will result in an email being sent, from the Career Coach, inquiring about why you missed your appointment.
  • 2nd notification: Will result in a warning email stating that Career Services has an Appointment No Show/Late Cancellation policy.
  • 3rd notification: Will result in your EAB privileges for Career Services appointments being revoked. At the 3rd notification, your EAB account will be blocked from making additional Career Services appointments until you email your Career Coach, schedule a meeting, show up for the appointment, and discuss the missed meetings. Email for any questions.

Driving policy

We will not meet with students who are driving. Please choose a time you are able to meet with us safely. If you are driving during your appointment, we will have you reschedule.

In-person mask policy

While the University is requiring all students, staff, and visitors to wear face coverings in campus buildings, this means you will be required to wear a mask for all in-person appointments that covers your mouth and nose. If this is not possible, please schedule a virtual appointment over Handshake instead.

Sick policy

The University requires that if you are sick with any potential illness, you must stay home, regardless of vaccination status. See the University's sick policy for more information.