Review Process

Space Request Review

SUPER-G reviews space requests based on the criteria below.  Other requests may be routed directly to an appropriate Project Manager.

1.    Change of Use or Type of Use:

  • Labs to offices, and vice versa
  • Classrooms to offices
  • Nonassignable (gross square feet, or GSF) to assignable (assignable square feet, or ASF)

2.    Space Assignment: 

  • Additional allocation
  • New allocation

3.    Funding:

  • Lacks clear and approved funding source(s)
  • ILP or other debt funds
  • Donor funds
  • Grant/Research funding

4.    Building Watch List:

  • Leased facilities
  • Campus Master Plan

5.    Red Flag, aka See Something, Say Something:

  • Active Projects referred by Project Managers to SUPER-G for guidance, such as requests for design contrary to space guidelines or standards