Apartment living

Thriving in your apartmentstudent in apartment using a computer

There is a lot to learn about living independently and we want you to have the education to thrive.  Below are common issues that arise in our apartments.  If you have any additional questions, please reach out to your Resident Advisor to learn more.

Maintenance issues

Submitting a work order

Something broken or not working?  Submit a work order by logging into the Resident Portal on the Husky Village website.  Work orders are processed on weekdays and will be resolved as soon as possible.  Please do not attempt to fix things yourself.

If the issue is urgent (i.e. active leak, clogged toilet or smoke detector issue), call the RA on Duty at (206) 245-5536 for immediate assistance.  

Quick fixes

Here are common apartment issues that residential life staff can assist with quickly:

  • Smoke detector battery replacement. If your smoke detector is "chirping" the battery needs to be replaced.  Call the RA on Duty.  They will provide you with a new battery and assist you with how to change it out.
  • Light bulb replacement . New light bulbs are available at the Residential Life front desk in Husky Hall.  If you are able to remove the light bulb easily and it is not protected by a glass insert, bring in your old light bulb so that we can sure to give you the correct light bulb in return.  Note that kitchen lights will require a work order to replace.

Internet and cable 

Our internet and cable provider is Xfinity (formerly known as Comcast).  If you are having issues with the Xfinity service in your unit. Start by looking at the Xfinity Trouble Shooting Guide.  

If you have gone through all of the steps with the Xfinity Trouble Shooting Guide and your internet or cable is still not working, you will need to call and speak with an Xfinity representative.

  • Call Xfinity directly at 1-855-307-4896.
  • If asked, the phone number for any Husky Village unit is 425-352-3839.
  • Please provide the physical address for Husky Village, 18612 Beardslee Blvd. Bothell WA 98011 and your building and unit number (example: Dogwood 131).
  • Let customer care know that the account is owned by the Capstone Management.

If you were not successful with the Xfinity, contact Capstone Management at info@uwbothellhousing.com. 

Garbage & recycling

Here at Husky Village, we provide garbage and recycle options for your convenience. It is important that you take your trash and recycle out frequently to keep your units clean and not attract pests. 

Learn more about what can go in garbage and what can be recycled here!

  • Separate your trash and recycling into the correct bin. Green dumpsters are for trash and blue bins are recycyling.
  • Break down cardboard boxes and place the inside the blue bins.
  • All items must go inside the bins, never on the ground. Recology, our waste management company, will not pick up items not in the dumpsters and bins. 
  • Compost, battery and electronic recycling are avaialble on across campus, specicially in the UW1 vistas and the library.

Please see the below pictures as guides to what items should go where.

Organic growth

When the weather gets warmer each spring, it is normal to notice organic growth begin in the bathroom, shower, sink, laundry washer machines, external facing walls, and window sill areas. Organic growth occurs in warm, moist environments and can be mitigated by regularly cleaning. 

If you notice organic growth:

  • Use any household cleaner to spray the affected area.
  • Let the spray sit for up to 30 minutes and wipe clean.
  • If organic growth remains, repeat the process until all growth is eliminated.
  • Ensure that the bathroom fan is on until all moisture has dissipated.

To prevent more growth:

  • Clean and wipe down bathrooms and household surfaces regularly.
  • Keep heat in your units to a minimum.
  • Open bathroom windows when possible, especially during and after showering.
  • Do not open windows during damp or rainy weather conditions.

For more information on organic growth, you can find our full policy in the appendix of your housing agreement.