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The crossroads of motivation and experience

The purpose and structure of Mentorship EDGE is simple: to create opportunity for motivated students to meet with exceptional business leaders for mentorship.

We do this by inviting students to participate in a one-hour small group mentoring meeting consisting of approximately five students and one mentor. After this formal meeting, students and mentors are encouraged to stay in touch with each other for ongoing mentoring.

Students and mentors are asked to review the Department of Education’s Employability Framework to help guide their discussions.

Mentorship EDGE sessions are currently held once per quarter.

How can I be a mentee?

We work with participating faculty to identify students who will be a good mentee match for each quarter’s rotation of hand selected mentors. This is our process of student selection:

  1. We identify a faculty member for each mentor, based on match of area expertise such as marketing, accounting, or leadership.
  2. The faculty member is requested to provide nominations based on their knowledge of the students- in particular, motivation, diversity, and performance play an important role.

As space is limited, undergraduates and first-time participants receive priority.

If you would like to participate in Mentorship EDGE, please email the Program Coordinator, Elizabeth Prendergast; or, contact your professor, to nominate yourself.

How can I be a mentor?

Thank you for your interest. Please email the Program Coordinator, Elizabeth Prendergast, for more information on how to participate.

Additional information and resources

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Mentorship EDGE FAQ

Can I meet with more than one EDGE mentor?

Each of our mentors are exceptional business leaders who are hand-selected to participate in this program. If space allows, we are happy to include you in more than one session.

How do I stay in touch with my mentor?

Yes! After meeting with your mentor, please send them a thank you note- preferably on the same day. You are encouraged to stay in touch as an engaged mentee after that. For example, you may ask if you can connect with them on LinkedIn, or meet with them again for coffee for ongoing mentoring.

Also, all of our EDGE alumni are invited to our annual Summer Networking Ice Cream Social. This is a terrific opportunity for all alumni to reconnect, and meet each other. In particular, for students to meet some of our other exceptional mentors!

Mentors, mentees, and faculty are welcome.

When will Mentorship EDGE be offered again?

If you missed out on participating this quarter, don’t worry. We offer Mentorship EDGE every quarter, and first-time mentee participants receive priority registration.

Past mentors

Read about some of our past mentors.

Hear from past mentees

“I enjoyed being able to ask some questions that I had about life. The mentor was way ahead of me in life and has already been through things I will one day face.”

“I really loved what the mentor had planned to say to us. He talked about the life advice, obstacles that may come ahead to be prepared for, and other very important information to know when we step into the real world.”

“Loved the opportunity to connect with a great leader and entrepreneur and hear directly about their stories. It was a fantastic experience to hear first hand tips and encouragement on how to go about the course, learn more about innovation etc.”

“I liked that our mentor was willing to share so much about his experiences and how they related to all the mentees even thought we were going into different fields. Also that they were willing to keep meeting with us.”