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Our Vision

Connect students with a community of mentors and peers for critical early career mentorship and ongoing professional guidance.

Program Mission

The mission of Mentorship EDGE is simple. We provide an opportunity for motivated students to gain an EDGE in their career journey by connecting them with exceptional business leaders for ongoing mentorship.

Mentees raise professional development topics such as how to seek and apply for internships, how to prepare oneself to be the best candidate to land a dream job, and more. Mentors share their successes, challenges, and advice.

Outcomes and Testimonials

Many students have told us that participating in Mentorship EDGE was a life-changing experience for them. For example, here’s what one student had to say: 

"As a first-generation student at the University of Washington Bothell, the opportunity to be in such close proximity to influential leaders that are open to fostering my potential has been extremely impactful. Mentorship EDGE has empowered me to foster meaningful relationships and has brought opportunities I would've never thought was possible. " – Cindy

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“Before Mentorship EDGE, I was unsure what to do after college. Mentorship EDGE introduced me to marketing leaders that helped me apply to jobs correctly. Mentorship EDGE connected me with people and an opportunity to apply to a job at my dream company. I am now an Account Development Representative at Auth0. I am honored to have been a part of this program. “- Diego

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Our Process

We accept new applications each quarter. After students apply and are accepted, we introduce them to their mentors via email, provide guidance for their upcoming discussions, and invite them to our private LinkedIn group. Then it's time for our participants' first in-person meeting! We host these sessions in small groups. Afterward, we encourage further development of the relationship. We ask that students take the initiative and stay in touch with their mentors at least once per quarter over the next year. We ask that mentors respond enthusiastically, as their schedules allow. Finally, we host a fun and informative annual summer networking gathering for all past Mentorship EDGE participants.

Your introduction meeting

We limit the size of the introduction meetings with a mentor to at most four students to ensure they remain meaningful and productive. The meetings are held at a variety of locations including UW Bothell, the Eastside Leadership Center, our mentors' companies, and remotely through Zoom. They are usually about 90 minutes in duration. Beforehand, students and mentors review the Department of Education’s Employability Framework, and our program guidelines, to guide their discussion.

Developing Your Relationship

Mentorship EDGE is a flexible, participant driven program. Your ongoing engagement is key to making the most of this opportunity. Here are just a few examples of ways you can stay connected with your mentor, and continue developing your mentor/mentee relationship after your introduction meeting:

  1. Write your mentor a thank you note! A thoughtful thank you note is a small gesture that speaks volumes.
  2. Connect with your mentor on LinkedIn, and join our private LinkedIn Mentorship EDGE group.
  3. Ask your mentor a follow-up question from your last discussion, or, ask them a for guidance on a new topic such as job, internship, volunteering, or general professional advice.
  4. Ask your mentor to recommend a book or article for you to read, then read it and let them know what you thought of it.
  5. Tell your mentor about a recent accomplishment of yours and how their coaching has helped you achieve it.
  6. Set a date for next quarter to meet with your mentor again in-person or remotely. This is a great opportunity for further coaching!
  7. Join us at our annual Summer Quarter Mentorship EDGE Ice Cream Networking Event. This is another terrific opportunity for you to meet up with your mentor, as well as network with our other mentors and mentees.

How can I be a mentee?

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How can I be a mentor?

Thank you for your interest in helping to transform students’ lives through mentorship!


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Our Mentors

Read our mentor's bios here.

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Mentorship EDGE FAQ

What if my mentor and I don’t click, or my goals change, and I would like to learn from someone in a different line of business?

Mentorship and Menteeship is a skill. It is about relationship building, listening, and learning. Sometimes getting to know a new person can include a few speed bumps. That being said, if you feel like you and your mentor don’t click, that’s ok. It’s not a problem with you or them, it just may not be an ideal match at this time due to interests or scheduling.

We’re here to help! If you would like to be connected with a different mentor, or receive some coaching on how to develop a more meaningful and productive mentoring relationship, please contact Elizabeth Prendergast, Mentorship EDGE Program Coordinator at or 425-941-8043.

When will Mentorship EDGE be offered again?

If you missed out on participating this quarter, don’t worry. Applications open quarterly.