Surya D. Pathak

2005 Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Program in Management of Technology, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN
2001 M.S. in Electrical Engineering, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN
1999 B.E. in Industrial Electronics Engineering, Pune University, Pune, India

Supply networks
Complex adaptive systems and chaos theory
Marketing-Manufacturing interface
Finance-Operations interface
Policy design for large scale networks
Sustainable Operations

2014 Nominated for University wide Distinguished Research Award
2014 Nominated for University wide Distinguished Teaching Award
2014 MBA faculty of the year, University of Washington, Bothell, (LMBA)
2014 MBA faculty of the year, University of Washington, Bothell, (TMBA)
2013 MBA faculty of the year, University of Washington, Bothell, (LMBA)
2012 MBA faculty of the year, University of Washington, Bothell
2009 MBA faculty of the year, University of Washington, Bothell
2007 Member of Center for Supply Network, Arizona State University (invitation only)
2004 Society of Operations Management, 8th annual conference, best paper award, Mumbai, India
2003 INFORMS (Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences) college of simulation student award, New Orleans
1999 University award for best undergraduate academic performance in industrial electronics engineering, Pune, India

Sawaya WJ, Pathak SD, Day J, and Kristal M. 2014. Sensing resource flow changes using adaptive limit process charts to enable supply network coordination. Decision Sciences (Accepted for Publication).

Pathak SD, Wu Z, and Johnston D. 2014. Towards a theory of coopetition of supply networks. Journal of Operations Management, Vol 32 (5), 254-267.

Balakrishnan PV (Sundar) and Pathak SD, Impeding the Juggernaut of Innovation Diffusion: A Production-Constrained Model. Production Operations Management. DOI 10.1111/poms.12106, pp. 1-15. 

Jayaram J and Pathak SD, 2013. A Holistic View of Knowledge Integration in Collaborative Supply Chains. International Journal of Production Research, vol 51(7), 1958-1972.

Pathak SD, Pokharel M, and Mahadevan S., 2012. Hyper-Competition, Collusion, Free Riding or Coopetition: Basins of Attraction When Firms Simultaneously Compete and Cooperate. Non-linear dynamics, Psychology and Life Sciences, vol 17(1), 133-157.

Pathak SD, McDonald MP, Mahadevan S, 2010. A Framework for Designing Policies for Networked Systems with Uncertainty. Decision Support Systems, vol 49, 121-131.

Pathak SD, Dilts D.M, and Mahadevan S, 2009. Investigating population and topological evolution in a complex adaptive supply network. Journal of Supply Chain Management, vol 45(3), Wiley-Blackwell, USA.

Pathak SD, Dilts DM, and Biswas G, 2007. On the evolutionary dynamics of supply network topologies. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, vol 54(4), 662-672.

Pathak SD, Day J, Nair A, Sawaya WJ, and Kristal M, 2007. Complexity and adaptivity in supply networks: building supply network theory using a complex adaptive systems perspective. Decision Sciences, vol 38(4), 547-580, (2nd most cited paper, 2007-2012).

2011 University of Washington, Bothell, Teaching and Learning Center Grant, $5400
2010 National Science Foundation, $311,205
2010 Darla Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC (Internal Research Grant) $1300
2004 Advanced Computing Center For Research and Education, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN (Summer research grant), 10,700

September 2014 – Present, Associate Professor, School of Business, University of Washington, Bothell, WA.
2008 –  2014, Assistant Professor, School of Business, University of Washington, Bothell, WA
2006 – July 2008, Vanderbilt University (VU), Nashville, TN Lecturer (Engineering Management) and Senior Research Associate (Civil and Env Engineering)
2005 - 2006, Advanced Computing Center for Research and Education, VU, TN Research Associate and Lead Scientist, Lecturer (Engineering Management)
2001 - 2005, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN Research and Teaching Assistant, Instructor
1999 - 2001, Institute for Software Integrated Systems, VU, TN Research Assistant
1998 - 1999, Logic Power, Pune, India Application Development Engineer

2009-2012 Journal of Operations Management
2011-2012 Production Operations Management
2006, 2008, 2010-2012 Decision Sciences
2011-2012 Decision Support Systems
2012 International Journal of Production Research
2009-2012 Journal of Supply Chain Management
2008-2011 IEEE Transactions in Engineering Management
2008 IEEE Transactions in Systems, Man and Cybernetics
2004 Academy of Management Journal
2003-2004 Decision Sciences Institute conference, Washington DC
2004 European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI), Valencia, Spain

BBUS 340 Introduction to Operations and Project Management
BBUS 509/522 Introductions to Operations Management
BBUS 500 Quantitative Business Methods

2010 Session Chair, Decision Sciences Annual Meeting, San Diego, California
2009 Session Chair, Production Operations Management Society Annual Meeting, Orlando, Florida
2008-2009 Member of Recruitment Committee (Operations) for Business Program, University of Washington, Bothell, WA
2007 Web administrator, Reliability and Risk Management, National Science Foundation, IGERT Program, Nashville, TN
2006 Session Chair, Decision Sciences Institute, annual meeting, San Antonio, TX
2006 Session Chair, INFORMS, annual meeting, Pittsburgh, PA
2006 External project supervisor, for senior year undergraduate student in engineering at Victor Jubilee Technical Institute (VJTI), Mumbai, India
2006 Participant in the emergent scholar workshop at POMS, Boston, MA
2003 Mentor for undergraduate students in the IGERT multidisciplinary graduate program in Reliability and Risk Engineering and Management, Nashville, TN



(425) 352-3617

NSF Final Report
Supply Network Design and Product Environmental Performance
Sample Network Image

Grant Number: 1024752
Grant Dates: September 1, 2010 to August 31, 2012
Grant Amount: $311,205

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