School of Business Faculty

A. Steven Holland

1979–83 Michigan State University, Ph.D., Economics
1975–76 Vanderbilt University, M.A., Economics
1972–75 University of South Carolina, B.S., Economics

Ph.D. level: Macroeconomic Theory, Advanced Macroeconomic Theory, Seminar in Macroeconomics, Seminar in Monetary Policy

MBA level: Global Macroeconomics, Macroeconomic Theory and Policy, Economics of Money and Credit, Business Conditions Analysis

Undergraduate level: Financial Markets and Institutions, Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory, Money and Banking, Business Conditions, Intermediate Microeconomic Theory, International Finance and Trade, Introduction to Macroeconomics, Principles of Economics

2013-2014 Associate Dean, Graduate Programs
2002-2009 Director of the Business Administration Program
University of Washington, Bothell
1998–2002 Chair, Department of Finance and Economics,
Southwest Texas State University
1995–98 Acting Vice President, Academic Program (1995-96),
Chair, Department of Economics and Business (1997-98),
Economics Institute, Boulder, Colorado

2002–present Professor of Business Administration
University of Washington, Bothell
1998–2002 Professor, Department of Finance and Economics,
Southwest Texas State University (tenured 1998)
1994–98 Associate Professor, Economics Institute
Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Economics,
University of Colorado-Boulder
1985–94 Associate Professor (1991-94) and Assistant Professor (1985-91), Department of Economics, University of Kentucky (tenured 1991)
1990–91 Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Business Economics, University of Michigan
1983 Lecturer, Department of Economics, Michigan State University
1976–79 Instructor, Department of Economics, Pittsburg State University

1983–85 Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

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"Does Higher Inflation Lead to More Uncertain Inflation?Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Review, February 1984



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