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Bill Price

Bill Price started Driva Solutions in September 2001 to help companiesachieve the delicate balance between cost containment and greater customer loyalty via their contact centers and other customer-facing operations. He also co-founded the 10-country LimeBridge Global Alliance and the 33-company Global Operations Council (GOC).

Driva Solutions has built three principal programs: Contact Optimization, Performance Optimization, and Sourcing Optimization.

Prior to forming Driva Solutions, Bill was’s first Vice President of Global Customer Service, responsible for all customer service activities including managing the company’s contact centers in the US, Europe, Japan, and India. During these years, using the basic premises in this book, Amazon reduced its contacts-per-order by over 70% and also scored the second highest-ever customer satisfaction rating for any American company.

Before, Bill spent 20 years in customer care and services management starting at McKinsey & Company in San Francisco and Stockholm, as COO and CFO with Automated Call Processing Corporation, and later creating the MCI Enhanced Call Router (ECR) and MCI Call Center Services (CCS) divisions.

Bill is a frequent industry speaker and writer, teaches CRM at the graduate school level, and is on the Advisory Board of several leading contact center vendors, industry associations, and publications. Bill has authored more than 20 articles and white papers, and the videotapes of his presentations with the University of Washington in 2002 and 2004 continue to be broadcast on television. In 1997 Call Center Magazine named Bill a “Call Center Pioneer” in its first annual award, and in fall 2004 he was asked to be one of the 10 global “CRM Gurus”.

Bill received his BA from Dartmouth College and his MBA from Stanford University, and lives in Bellevue, Washington USA.


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