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Despite the significant institutional changes businesses have made to improve retention of women, women remain under-represented at senior levels and in leadership roles. Businesses are losing some of their most talented employees, often at just the time in their career when they have the most to offer.

Recognizing this, the University of Washington Bothell School of Business is collaborating with local businesses to improve the promotion and retention of women within those businesses and to help women become extraordinary leaders.

We invite you to become a founding partner in this unique program to (1) help women develop their skills to effectively compete in business and ascend to leadership positions, (2) ensure maximized program effectiveness for the participants, and (3) positively impact your organization’s success.

Why partner with us? This program ...

  • Enables women and inclusion that will yield significant increases in organizational performance, sales returns, return on investments, and return on equity.
  • Supports advancement of women into executive roles and increased understanding of inclusiveness and diversity.
  • Enables an increased pipeline of talented women prepared to move into executive level roles and participate on boards.
  • Engages potential new hires and supports recruitment efforts of top female talent, particularly in STEM roles where women are less prevalent and more difficult to engage by providing a program that supports their advancement.
  • Improves retention of women in higher-level roles and lower turnover costs.
  • Improves leadership skills of participants in the program in communication, negotiation, conflict, collective leadership and team building, risk and resilience, and executive presence.
  • Supports high potential development programs for women by providing a program that is focused on their leadership skills and navigating their career advancement.
  • Educates and supports executive sponsorship for participants necessary for advancement into executive roles.
  • Provides strategies for how women should engage men in their field of influence. It brings men into the mix through education and dialogue.
  • Provides a forum for participants to develop a comprehensive network of other women across organizations and the creation of a cohort of graduates within their own organization to support one another’s success.
  • Provides positive public relations and advertising for your organization as a Founding Partner in the program to advance women, inclusiveness and diversity with the University of Washington.
  • Provides an opportunity for organizational participation as a founding member of the University’s Pacific Northwest Human Resource Counsel.


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To partner with us and receive additional benefits as part of this transformational program, please contact Dawn Roe, Director of Executive Education at or 425-352-3810.



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