Faculty and Experts

During the week, you will engage with a broad variety of experts from the Seattle region including:
Sandy Archibald headshot
Sandy Archibald – Dean and Professor, UW Evans School of Public Policy and Governance
Akhtar Badshah headshot
Dr. Akhtar Badshah – Chief Catalyst, Catalytic Innovators Group – Faculty and Curator of Accelerating Social Transformation
Peter Blomquist headshot
Peter Blomquist – Principal, Blomquist International
Wendy Chamberlin headshot
Wendy Chamberlin – Associate Program Officer, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Marie Connett headshot
Marie Connett – Director of Global Development, Global Good
Rajib Doogar headshot
Rajib Doogar – Associate Professor, UW Bothell School of Business
Erin Ewart headshot
Erin Ewart – Career and Retirement Consultant, Founder and Owner of Erin Ewart Consulting
Stephanie Gillis headshot
Stephanie Gillis – Chief Strategy Officer, Giving Compass
Mary Kay Gugerty headshot
Mary Kay Gugerty – Professor of Public Policy and Governance; Nancy Bell Evans Professor in Nonprofit Management, UW Evans School of Public Policy and Governance
Joaquín Herranz Jr. headshot
Joaquín Herranz Jr. – Associate Professor and Senior Associate Dean for Academic Programs, UW Evans School of Public Policy and Governance
Susan Jeffords headshot
Susan Jeffords – Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs, UW Bothell
Sandeep Krishnamurthy headshot
Sandeep Krishnamurthy – Dean and Professor, UW Bothell School of Business
Dana Manciagli headshot
Dana Manciagli – Global Career Expert, Founder: Job Search Master Class, Job Search Coach, Speaker, Columnist
Tony Mestres headshot
Tony Mestres – President and CEO, Seattle Foundation
Erica Mills headshot
Erica Mills – Director, Nancy Bell Evans Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy, Founder and CEO, Claxton
Pierre Mourad headshot
Pierre Mourad – Professor in the Department of Engineering and Mathematics at UW Bothell
Neal Myrick headshot
Neal Myrick – Director of Social Impact, Tableau and Director, Tableau Foundation
Mark Newell headshot
Mark Newell – Portfolio Manager, Global Good at Intellectual Ventures
Gurdeep Singh Pall headshot
Gurdeep Singh Pall – Corporate Vice President, AI and Research Division at Microsoft
Zahra Radjavi headshot
Zahra Radjavi – Collaboration Partnerships Manager and Strategic Market Developer, Global Good
Paul Shoemaker headshot
Paul Shoemaker – Senior Consultant and Speaker, Author of Can't Not Do, Founding President of SVP International
Mary Snapp headshot
Mary Snapp – Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Philanthropy
Joseph Torres headshot
Joseph Torres – Program Manager, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

August 12-15, 2018


For more information, please contact Akhtar Badshah at akhtarb@uw.edu.