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Program structure and training modules

Six core areas of immersive study

Participants maximize understanding by training across six core areas of study, designed specifically for this program:

Business Analytics and Digital Strategy

This module covers how businesses compete with analytics; how analytics drives growth and acquisition; the implications of technology; and, viewing transformation as a process.

State of the Art Analytics Applications in Digital Transformation Projects

This module covers the impact of analytics on different functional business areas, including marketing, finance, operations, and supply chain.

Digital Transformation of Business Processes

This module covers how to map processes for inclusion of technology and how teams transform through the use of analytics.

Understanding Technology

This module covers emerging technologies, such as big data, the cloud, social media analytics, machine learning, and more; the facets of analytics; and, how analytics are used to make business decisions.

Managing Technology

This module covers how to manage the analytics gap; manage implementation, projects, teams, and risk; and, understand the cultural transformation that comes with applying analytics.

Capstone Project

This module provides the opportunity for the participant to apply their learning to a tangible industry project and further hone their understanding of how analytics are utilized in business.


Learning with a purpose

Award-winning faculty from all three University of Washington business schools have teamed up to offer an unprecedented learning experience. Designed for working professionals, this program aims to empower participants to strategize digital solutions within their organization and apply analytics to their current business processes.

The cirriculum has been constructed for this program to be a unique, high-value investment in the transformative future of the participant and their organization. Building upon decades of instruction, research, and business leadership, this course is more than just a recognized University of Washington credential -- it is a learning opportunity that can allow participants to have tangible impact in their organization.

While organizations or groups of any type can benefit from this immersive training, it has been specifically designed to address the burgeoning needs of organizations and departments that have yet to fully transition into the digital era utilizing business analytics. Through this program, and using their existing institutional knowledge, participants will gain valuable insight to become part of existing solutions or guide their organization through a digital transformation of its own.

Designed for the active professional

This executive certificate program caters to the working professional with reduced classroom time, a weekend schedule, and a variety of learning techniques that engage participants to apply real-world experience.

No technical expertise necessary

A technical background or degree in engineering is not required for this program. Participants bring their business acumen and existing institutional knowledge, regardless of technical know-how.


Total time committment is 72 hours.

Learning tools

Case studies, mini-projects, panel discussions, use of interactive classroom technology tools, capstone project.


Upon successful completion of the program, the participant will receive a Certificate in Business Analytics and Digital Transformation from the University of Washington Bothell School of Business, signed by the Dean.


Participants form a community of transformational excellence.



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