Coaching Certification


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Certification requirements

To satisfactorily graduate and receive your certificate, you must:

  • Attend and complete the work in all of the training sessions (15 days).
  • Create a Coach Development Plan (CDP), in collaboration with a faculty/mentor coach. This CDP will outline your developmental goals and steps to meet these goals. Your CDP will evolve as you move through the program.
  • Complete required reading and reporting.
  • Develop a research paper (of not more than 10 double-spaced pages) on an area of executive coaching specialization of your choice. This paper will be approved and supported by your faculty/mentor coach partner.
  • Successfully present (approximately 20 minutes) your research topic during the second or fourth training session.
  • Complete a minimum of 10 hours of observed coaching by a faculty/mentor coach. The practicums in the program will provide opportunity for this requirement.
  • Complete 50 hours of individual client coaching outside the training program.  A log must be kept outlining the client’s names, dates and times.
  • Complete and submit three taped individual coaching sessions (of approximately 30 minutes). These will be reviewed by faculty/mentor coach.
  • Participate in two monthly group conference calls with your support/learning group led by your faculty/mentor coach. These will be scheduled between training sessions.
  • Participate in one monthly call with your faculty/mentor coach to discuss your development plans and challenges.
  • Demonstrate competency of coaching skills in practicums.
  • Create a learning portfolio documenting your learning and accomplishments during the program.
  • Successfully complete a final written exam and a final oral exam. The final oral exam will be recorded and maintained for audit purposes and for reporting to ICF.

Feedback and progress reports

You will receive ongoing feedback during the daily practicum portion of the on-site training sessions and mentor coaching between sessions. You must pass a final written open-book test and oral exam (pass/fail). You also will receive written evaluations after the second training session and also upon completion of the written exam. This will allow you the opportunity to fine tune your skills before the conclusion of the program.