Mentorship Days


Mentorship Days

What is Mentorship Days?

The purpose and structure of Mentorship Days is simple: to create an opportunity for motivated students to meet with exceptional business leaders for mentorship.

We do this by inviting students to participate in a one-hour small group mentoring meeting consisting of approximately five students and one mentor. After this formal meeting, students and mentors are encouraged to stay in touch with each other for ongoing mentoring.

Students and mentors are asked to review the Department of Education’s Employability Framework to help guide their discussions

Mentorship Days is currently held once a quarter.

How can I be a mentor?

Thank you for your interest. Please email us at for more information on how to participate.

How can I be a mentee?

We work with participating faculty to identify students who will be a good mentee match for each quarter’s rotation of hand selected mentors. This is our process of student selection:

  1. We identify a faculty member for each time slot, based on match of area expertise such as marketing, accounting or leadership.
  2. The faculty member is requested to provide nominations based on their knowledge of the students- in particular, motivation, diversity and performance play an important role.

As space is limited, undergraduates and first time participants receive first priority.

If you would like to participate in next quarter’s Mentorship Days, please email us to nominate yourself, and we will add you to our mentee waitlist.

Mentorship Days FAQ

I’m already registered, can I switch mentors?

Each of our mentors are exceptional business leaders who are hand-selected to participate in this program. They are looking forward to meeting you, and the assumption when you registered is that you are also excited to meet them too. For that reason, and in the interest of fairness, we do not allow mentor switching. That being said, we want to be accommodating. If there is space available, we can put you on a waitlist to meet with your preferred mentor in addition to your original mentor. To do this, please email us.

Can I take someone else’s place or switch with my friend?

No trading places. If you would like to register as a new participant, please email us.

Can I stay in touch with my mentor?

After meeting with your mentor, please send a thank you note- preferably on the same day. You are welcome to build your own professional relationship with them after that. For example, you may ask if you can meet with them again for ongoing mentoring, or connect on LinkedIn.

When will Mentorship Days be offered again?

If you missed out on participating this quarter, don’t worry. Mentorship Days is offered every quarter and first time mentee participants receive first priority.

Past mentors

Read about some of our past mentors.

Hear from past mentees

Thank you so much for coming to campus and sharing your understanding with us today. It’s a rare opportunity to be able to pick the brain of a business veteran, especially in such a personal setting.

I particularly enjoyed the way you told the story of your business. Earlier, you discussed how important stories are to business, and especially to sales. I read the Image Source website before the event, but I hardly understood anything about the company until our meeting. The way you were able to paint a picture of the struggles, triumphs, and character of your business was captivating, and a great learning experience. We hear a lot about lean thinking, differentiation, and market share in our classes, but it’s worlds away from the kind of hard-won industry knowledge that you possess.

As a student, I’m always interested in the ins and outs of different businesses. I appreciated you illuminating the industry of customized product for us. In particular, what caught my attention was Image Source’s strategy of infiltrating marketing departments at client firms, as well as the difficulties involved in sourcing. I admire your ambition to work with bigger, more respected companies from the very beginning. It must be gratifying to have achieved that goal, and to have bounced back from the Great Recession.

Again, I’d like to express my gratitude at being offered your assistance as a business mentor. Your insights have been immensely valuable, and I intend to keep them in mind as I move forward, wherever I end up. Someone told me recently that the three stages of life are “learn, earn, & return”. Speaking on behalf of my fellow students, we truly appreciate that you chose to return some of your wealth of knowledge to us today.

-Student Mentee


For more information, please email Mentorhip Days program coordinator, Elizabeth Prendergast at