Seattle Central Community College

CSS Prerequisite Seattle Central Community College Equivalent
English Composition (5 credits)

ENGL& 101 English Composition I
(Formerly: ENG 101 Composition)

Advanced Composition or
Technical Writing

ENGL& 102  English Composition II
(Formerly: ENG 102 Composition)  


ENGL& 230 Technical Writing
(Formerly: EGR 231 Technical Writing)

Calculus I

MATH& 151 Calculus I
(Formerly: MATH 124 Calculus with Analytic Geometry)

Calculus II*

MATH& 152 Calculus II
(Formerly: MATH 125 Calculus with Analytic Geometry)


Math 146 Elementary Statistics


Bus 210 Business and Economic Statistics

(Formerly: Math 109 Elementary Statistics)


Computer Programming I

CSC 142 Computer Programming I

Computer Programming II

CSC 143 Computer Programming II

*Not required for admission to Applied Computing

University of Washington Course Equivalencies for Seattle Central Community College.

How can I make an appointment with an Admissions Advisor?

If you wish to make an appointment with an Advisor in the Computing & Software Systems Program, please call 425-352-5279 or email

For general admission to UW Bothell, please call 425-352-5000