Computer Science and Software Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Software Engineering

Computer Science & Software Engineering

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSSE) curriculum stresses computer programming and people-centered software development processes.

The CSSE degree program offers a multidisciplinary approach that will enable students to develop a wide range of competencies needed for success in the dynamic and varied field of software applications. These include analysis and problem solving techniques; communication and business management skills; in-depth understanding of the software design and development process; and a solid technical foundation to allow students to continue to learn new and complex techniques. 

The degree program is designed for students who have completed specific prerequisite coursework. CSS courses offer a broad range of topics from the theory of computer science the application of both leading edge and mature technologies. Students gain essential knowledge in object oriented programming, data structures, analysis of algorithms, software engineering, management principles, hardware architecture and operating systems.

For those considering occupations in programming, CSS offers a strong foundation and practical experience for careers associated with internet and intranet applications design and development, systems analysis, object-oriented programming, multi-media, software marketing, software testing and quality assurance, project management, or database design and administration.

For those already working in software applications, the program offers a strengthening and refinement of technical programming, written and oral communication, project management, and software design skills.

Once they have been admitted to the CSSE major, students preparing for careers in cybersecurity might consider the Information Assurance & Cybersecurity option within CSSE. CSSE-IAC students take the same core CSS classes required of all CSSE majors, in addition to a number of courses designed to equip them with the knowledge to create, deploy, and manage systems that preserve individual and organizational privacy and security. This program is part of a tri-campus collaboration administered by the Center for Information Assurance and Cybersecurity (CIAC), and CSSE-IAC students may take cybersecurity courses at any of the three campuses.