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Training overview

Web content editor training

Advancement & External Relations (AER) web team offers an introductory Kentico training for uwb.edu content editors maintaining web pages for their department, program or school.

Current content editors may schedule follow up training sessions. Those interested in a one-on-one, small group, or advanced training can email uwbadv@uw.edu. Include the full names of all the trainees, the topic(s) they'd like to cover, and any other relevant information.

The AER web team does not offer training or other services on other internet or intranet platforms (Wordpress, SharePoint, etc.).

Introductory training overview

It is mandatory to complete a training with the Advancement & External Relations Web Team. After training is complete, the web team will grant the trainee the agreed upon access (assuming the primary publisher has already given the web team permission).

  • How to edit content using toolbar features (images, headings, bullets, etc.)
  • Web accessibility, UW branding and other responsibilities
  • Create hyperlinks (external links, files, email)
  • Practice page management (Properties, Checkout, Publish, etc.)
  • Become familiar with online resources and support


To access Kentico you must have a UW Bothell Access Account. A portion of the training is interactive and requires trainees to log in to Kentico; the training will be rescheduled for those without an account. Employees cannot use coworker accounts; the trainer will be verifying accounts.

Request a UWB access account

The Web Team is be responsible for grant content editors designated access. Content editors  work with their primary publisher to establish publishing workflow details and then the Primary publisher works with the web team to coordinate access.

To request editing access, Primary Publishers should please fill out the CMS Request Form and specify what level of permission the new content editor should have within their directory. Please note that student-staff will not be allowed to be the final publisher on content. Learn more about requesting CMS access

Dates & registration

Trainings are typically held every other week for approximately 2 hours with ten spots available per training.

Please email uwbadv@uw.edu with any training questions and check back frequently for training updates.