Kentico CMS

Access & login

Access overview

Getting editing access

Each website directory has a primary publisher that new content editors must work with to get permission to edit the department or school's website. Read the Request access page for all information.

  1. Gain permission to edit from the directory's primary publisher; primary publisher contacts the web team
  2. Supervisors submit the account creation request to UW Bothell IT
  3. New content editor attends the mandatory training
  4. Gain role access from trainer after training (assuming primary publisher email has been received)

log in dialogue box with credentials and password typed inLogging in

Access Kentico through the CMS admin portal (

When logging in you will be asked for your user name in email format, which is your UWB Access Account, and the password associated with this account.

  • Example:

Note: Your UWBID is not the same as a NetID. This account is only for accessing Kentico in the browser. It will always start with the first letter of your first name, then your last name and ends in Example:

Issues logging in?

Double check the following:

  • You're using your Access Account credentials, not your NetID
  • the "" is in the username field
  • the correct case-sensitive password for the Access Account (not NetID)
  • You're logging into the admin portal ( and not the training environment

Reset password

If you still cannot login, visit UWB IT in the Library, LB2-218, and bring a photo ID card (Husky card) to have them reset it.

Getting started

Now you're logged in! If you're still new to Kentico, here are some tips on how to get started.

  • After logging in, you see the "Dashboard"; click the "Pages" tile to access your web pages to begin editing.
  • You must first "check out" the page (similar to a library book); only one person can edit a page at a time.
  • The toolbar will not appear until after you check-out a page
  • Any new page you create will automatically be checked out to you.
  • Don't move or rename pages without consulting your team and/or the Web Team
  • When you're done editing, "Check In" the page for publishing.
  • From here, you can