Crop using Adobe Photoshop CS4

Crop a photo with Adobe Photoshop CS4

Follow the steps below to crop your image using Adobe Photoshop. Using the list to the right, note the dimenesions for theimage you're trying to create for Marketo.

Step 1

Open Adobe Photoshop CS4

Step 2

Click File>Open in the upper left corner

A screen capture highlighting the File Open menu

Step 3

Navigate to your image on your computer

Step 4

Click open

Step 5

Using the Marketo image size list on the right, note the dimensions for the image you are trying to create.

Step 6

Select the Crop tool in the tool bar to the left

A screen capture highlighting the corp tool icon

Step 7

Type in the Width and Height image dimensions followed by "px" (ex: 600px x 300px) you noted from the Marketo image size list with a resolution of 90

A screen capture highlighting where to type in your image dimensions

Step 8

Select a starting point on the image and click and drag your crop tool over the area you want to keep and unclick when you’re happy with it. If you need to move the box after you’ve selected your area, click in the middle of the area and drag the box around until satisfied. If you want to start over hit the ESC key in the upper left of your keyboard.

A screen capturue highlighting what the crop tool bounding box looks like

Step 9

Hit Enter once satisfied to crop image.

A screen capture of what an image looks like after it has been cropped

Step 10

Click File>Save… in the upper left corner

A screen capture highlighting what the file save as menu looks like

Step 11

Create a title based off our Marketo naming conventions guide.

Click Ok

Choose your desired save location, click Save

Step 12

Upload to Marketo

Marketo Image Dimensions

Below is a list of Marketo's required image dimensions. Images not cropped to these dimensions will not display properly.

Files cannot be bigger than 100mb

Unit Logo

  • Max 300px

Left text hero image

Newsletter large image

  • 600 x 300px
  • 600 x 200px

Alternate headline module

  • Image: 100 x 100px
  • Image: 300 x 140px

Icon columns

  • Icon sizes: 35 x 35px

Columns with text

Text Underneath

  • 3 columns: 166 x 100px
  • 3 columns: 175 x 175px
  • 4 columns: 130 x 130px

Text on the right side

  • 2 columns: image on left, text on the right - 300 x 140px
  • 2 columns: text on right: 300 x 250px

Product Presentation

  • 3 columns: 166 x 130px
  • Middle large image with rsvp button: 560 x 300px
  • 2 columns: 265 x 180px
  • 2 columns/one small image with text on the right or left: 160 x 160px

Past edition: these are just photos, no call to action areas

  • 2 columns: 1st column 265x380, second column with two rows: 265x180px EACH
  • 3 columns: 166 x 130px

Partners Logos

  • 4 columns: 125px x 100px

Small image with call to action

  • 125 X 100px

Large image with call to action

  • 560 x 300px
  • 600 x 200px