Program Format

Admissions and Prerequisites

As B Bio 351, a requirement for the minor (see below), requires students to have taken B Bio 180, B Bio 200, and B Bio 220, these three classes are essentially prerequisites for the Neuroscience Minor.  Upon successful completion of these introductory biology courses with a GPA of 2.0 or higher in each class, students will be accepted into the minor.

Core Requirements - 15 credits

  1. B Bio 351 Principles of Anatomy and Physiology I (5 cr)
  2. B Bio 310 Brain and Behavior (5 cr)
  3. B Bio 480 Neurobiology (5 cr)*

Elective Requirements  - 10+ credits (Chosen from this list)

  1. B Bio 394 Special Topics in Neuroscience**
  2. B Bio 355 Behavioral Endocrinology (5 cr)
  3. B Bio 385 Animal Behavior (5 cr)
  4. BIS 270 Abnormal Psychology (5 cr)
  5. BIS 422 Clinical Psychology (5 cr)
  6. B Bio 499 Undergraduate Research in Biology***

    * BBio 480 cannot count as both a Biology major elective and as a neuroscience minor core requirement

    ** May be taken multiple times, as long as the topics in each iteration differ

    *** Research experience should be neuroscience oriented and must be approved by the Neuroscience Curriculum Committee.  As research opportunities are dictated by faculty availability and projects, students should not depend on B Bio 499 as an minor elective.  However, if a student is already conducting neuroscience research or has begun work in a laboratory conducting eligible research, this experience, if credited as B Bio 499, can count for elective credit in the minor.