Course Descriptions

Consciousness Course Descriptions


B BIO 310 - Brain and Behavior (5) D. Wacker/B. White

Interdisciplinary exploration of the biological basis of human behavior, including altruism, aggression, learning, communication, and mating. Draws on neuroanatomy, neuroscience, endocrinology, ethology, genetics, and sociobiology to examine how the brain influences, and is influenced by, behavior. Readings include primary literature as well as popular publications.

B PHYS 305 - The Cosmos(5) M. DePies

Provides a conceptual introduction to the foundation and current theories of cosmology. Studies black holes, time travel, the Big Bang, and dark matter.

BCONSC 321 - Consciousness Studies (5)  K. Noble

Introduces the field of consciousness studies. Explores the interaction of mind and body through scientific studies of dreams, intuition, intention, and anomalous phenomena. Includes the role of meditation and contemplative practices in physiological and psychological well-being.

BCONSC 322 - Exploration of Consciousness (5) K. Noble

Deeper inquiry into the nature of consciousness and the interaction of mind and body. Topics include the biology of compassion and belief, attention and intention in neuroplasticity, experimental studies of meditation and mental training in promoting psychological, physical health; and the emergence of an integral scientific paradigm. Prerequisite: BCONSC 321.

BCONSC 323 - Psychology and Science of Dreams (5) K. Noble

Explores the psychology and science of dreams. Topics include the history and theories of dreams, modern experimental studies of dreaming and dream content, lucid dreams, contribution of dreams to scientific creativity, and dream incubation and interpretation techniques.

BCONSC 325 - Mind and Matter (5) S. Collins

Explores the relationship between mental and physical events in the constitution and representation of reality. Integrates perspectives from philosophy of mind and modern physics to build insight into the relationship between mind and matter, the nature of consciousness, and possibilities of free will.

BCONSC 424 - Consciousness and the Natural World (5) K. Noble

Explores emerging models of consciousness in the natural world. Topics include scientific and shamanic research about animal and plant consciousness and the ethical implications of this inquiry for human interaction with other species.  Prerequisite: BCONSC 322

BCONSC 425 - Consciousness and Well-Being (5) K. Noble

Focuses on understanding the non-local dynamics of human consciousness. Topics include entanglement and attunement as underlying principles of psychological and physical reality, experimental and phenomenological studies of shared consciousness with humans and other species, and contemplative practices that promote individual and societal health and well-being. Prerequisite: BCONSC 322.