Autumn 2021


UW Bothell Autumn 2021 Donor Scholarship Recipients

We would like to highlight our Autumn 2021 Donor Scholarship Recipients. 


Zara Sameer

“I was amazed and excited to see the email for this scholarship in my inbox. As education is a high priority to me, I felt grateful to have received such a scholarship that will help me continue my courses in business and work towards becoming a strong community member. UWB holds high standards in promoting the core values of transformational education, engaged scholarship, and inclusive culture. UWB has always been an accepting place where I can bring all of me to the table, which is especially important as a woman from a first-generation immigrant family from Pakistan. With that said I would like to thank all of those that have made this possible!”

Qiongpei Awangqiongpei

"I can't express enough of my appreciation for receiving this scholarship from Donor. It was such a great honor to receive it. As I enter my second school year at UW Bothell, this scholarship will indeed help my studies and life so much. I'm grateful and thankful to the donor and UW Bothell to give me a such great opportunity to receive this honor."

Madelyn Duron Flores


“Receiving this scholarship was a great surprise to me, and I am eternally grateful. I hope to continue expanding my knowledge and capabilities to the fullest! UW Bothell has been the ideal campus for me, and everything this school offers is preparing me to be able to extend my services to other children of low-income households in the future. Kids who I believe deserve an opportunity at building a future for themselves like I have been given. Thank you for believing in the students of this campus and being willing to help us fulfill our goals.”

Luay Al Ani


“Receiving Donor Excellence Scholarship was a great surprise to me, and I am eternally grateful to UW Bothell. This Scholarship will help me to complete my program study by paying my tuition for the class, books, code, and any supplies or materials that I need for the study. Also, it will support me in my education and give me more power to keep continue to study without thinking of the money or effect on my family budget. I am low-income and really need this Scholarship to achieve my goal in education and get a BS degree in accounting.

I faced many challenges and barriers financially to fulfill my dream and come back again to complete my studies and get a degree from a university. I pressured myself and my family to provide the money to complete my education. I borrowed money from banks and friends to buy books and study supplies and worked day and night to get the money for the study. I faced difficult and harsh conditions to complete my studies, especially at the beginning of my coming to the United States as a refugee. I did not have any money to go to college and as a result, I worked as a taxi driver for the long term during my studies in order to get money and pay for my education requirements. Thank you again for the University of Washington Bothell.”

Juna Maharjan

“I want to express my sincere gratitude to you for making the Donor Excellence Scholarship possible. Since I was born and raised in a lower-middle-class family and Hindu culture, there were many difficulties to complete my study. By living in Seattle independently and continuing my education was one of the tough decisions for me. By providing me with this scholarship, you have lightened my financial burden, which allows me to concentrate and do better on my study. Thank you so much for your generosity and support. Your generosity has inspired me to help others and give back to the community. I will work hard and do my best.”

Jingwen Shi


“Being selected for this scholarship was a great surprise to me and my family, and I do really appreciate that. School of Business at UW Bothell is undoubtedly the ideal campus for me, the faculty and professors here are helping me to become what I want to be. It’s an amazing place to study at. And also, I want to say thank you to those who made this award possible. Thank you for your kindness of helping students like me to pursue our dreams at UW Bothell.”

Alhan Pirjamali

“Being selected as one of the Donor Excellence Scholarship recipients has been amazing! Since starting my journey at UWB,  I am continuously surprised by all the resources available to help students succeed. I can also confidently say that the school of business has the most amazing staff and faculty that teach the most educating classes. I will be finishing up my senior year, and am excited to see what the future holds. Go dawgs!” 

Maksim Poklonskii

“I want to thank the donor and committee for awarding me this scholarship. It will help me continue my education at such an academically driven and family-like university, making me the first in a family to receive a US degree. I will continue to contribute every experience and knowledge I have and look for new ways I can positively impact everyone around me. I am sure everyone is as happy to be a UW Bothell student as myself because the university is more than just academia, it is a community, and I am fortunate enough to be a part of one that cares about the well-being of every member. I will uphold its vision and live up to its core values of transformational education, engaged scholarship, and inclusive culture. Though I will graduate next year, I will forever remain a fellow Husky, a member of such a diverse and radiant community.”

Vanny Nguyen

“As a first-generation college student, I am very grateful to receive this scholarship. I chose the UW Bothell School of Business program because the small class sizes make me feel better supported by faculty and staff. In addition to that, I had positive experiences doing group work with my classmates in my UWB business classes. These experiences remind me of one of my goals for working in business, which is to foster a positive and supportive work environment so that everyone can be excited to be at work. Thank you donors for helping support the dreams and visions of students within this school. I hope that this scholarship will continue to exist to help future students.”

Omar Paez


“For many of us, poverty is simply a harsh reality in which we are born into. Being a first-generation student, I never saw a direct path to university, I had to create my own. I heard the term “first-generation student” growing up but did not comprehend the weight the phrase held. A person who does not have a history of parents that studied in college is an identity that I have learned to embrace and be proud of. Being a first-generation student came with its difficulties, but it also made me realize that attending university was a privilege that came with the responsibility of providing me with a new avenue of opportunities. This scholarship gives hope to many students in similar situations as me, hope that we are seen. I am eternally grateful to receive this scholarship, with the ambition to carry on excelling in and out of the classroom. This scholarship will allow me to focus on my academics and better prepare myself for my next career steps. UW Bothell has given me the resources necessary to enhance my skills while leveraging that with high education. Thank you for believing in students like myself here at UW Bothell and helping us out.”

Cindy-Chen-(1).jpg​Xiandi Chen


“Receiving a scholarship is the thing I have felt most encouraged since I started school. In addition to bringing surprises to me, it also brings responsibilities. I am grateful to the enthusiastic people and organizations in this community and school doing their best to help students. This spirit has affected my concept of achievement. Achievement is about reaping academic and work success and using one's resources to help those in need. This influence will improve our community to become better, and I'm willing to assist when others need it.”

          Bufan Yao                                                                                        Vera Makianich