Options and Concentrations

Bothell Campus Options and Concentrations

Students in the Bothell Campus BA program may specialize in Accounting or Supply Chain Management or choose from one of six concentrations.

Accounting Option

The two-year Accounting Option prepares students for careers in private, government, and non-profit and public accounting. Graduates can serve as internal auditors, managerial accountants, tax examiners, budget analysts or government auditors. After completing this option, students are eligible to take the Certified Management Accounting (CMA) exam. If you want to be a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), a minimum of  225 quarter hours or five years of college is required.

Finance Concentration

Learn how firms make financial decisions and how these decisions affect individual organizations and society as a whole. You'll learn how firms acquire and allocate funds, how financial markets operate, and the role these markets play in economic welfare. The study of finance includes the use of models to develop analytical approaches to problems. Graduates take positions in financial institutions such as commercial and investments banks, finance departments of major corporations, or consulting firms.

Management Concentration

Examine the many management challenges facing modern business organizations and how to use the tools needed to deal with a complex and rapidly changing environment. Areas of study include entrepreneurship, leadership and decision making, conflict resolution, human resources, and managing employees. Graduates often pursue careers in consulting or as leaders in the private or public sector.

Management Information Systems (MIS) Concentration

Learn the technical and business skills required to solve business problems in technology-based environments. You'll learn to conduct structured and informal analyses to design and improve applications and systems, from e-commerce storefronts to enterprise applications. MIS students complete courses in both Business and Computing Software Systems (CSS)

Marketing Option/Concentration

Learn to develop and implement coordinated marketing programs to successfully manage a company's relationship with its target customers in order to meet its strategic goals in a competitive environment. Graduates go on to work in brand management, sales, marketing research and consulting, and entrepreneurial ventures.

Retail Management Concentration

The Retail Management concentration provides students with a solid foundation of theory important to the retail management discipline. Specifically, students will acquire an interdisciplinary knowledge of merchandise acquisition, strategic retail promotion, retail operations, and supply chain management. They will also gain an understanding of cutting edge uses of technology in retail management and gain the mindset necessary to find and apply new applications for technologies in the retail context as these new technologies emerge. Students will have the opportunity to apply their learning through real world class projects, and gain experience and exposure to the retail industry through strategic partnerships with important retailers in the area. Engagement with this key industry through the Retail Management Concentration provides numerous opportunities for students and helps to prepare them to become leaders in the retail industry.

Supply Chain Management Option

Prepares students for careers in operations, logistics, purchasing and distribution. Students learn about the production, shipment and distribution of products, understanding sales, inventory and other crucial aspects of businesses.

Technology and Innovation Management (TIM) Concentration

Understand the nature of innovation, the relationship between strategic leadership and innovation, and how organizations use technology and new product development processes to successfully manage change. After graduation, students apply their knowledge in industries such as engineering, computing, telecommunications and biotechnology.