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ASUWB Spring 2022-2023 Results

Voting Results

  • President: Isabeau Rosen
  • Vice President: Cody Becker
  • Director of Campus Partnerships: Isatou Ceesay
  • Director of Student Advocacy: Nashwa Abukhder
  • Director of Outreach: Sarah Azam
  • Director of Marketing: Nabil Shehadah
  • Director of Government Relations: Marko Morrison

ASUWB Spring 2021-2022 Results (current representatives)

Voting Results

  • President: James Archer
  • Vice President: Giannara Martell
  • Director of Campus Partnerships: Aanya Kath
  • Director of Student Advocacy: Braxton Goss
  • Director of Outreach: Rafi Kakar
  • Director of Marketing: Jaresiah Williams
  • Director of Government Relations: Reese Sherman

ASUWB Spring 2020-2021 Results

Voting Results

  • President: Djelli Berisha
  • Vice President: Michael Albellar
  • Director of Campus Partnerships: Marco Lizarraga
  • Director of Student Advocacy: Keita Shimizu
  • Director of Outreach: Bryanna Bui
  • Director of Marketing: Jorge Azpeitia
  • Director of Government Relations: Mumina Ali