ASUWB Governing Documents and Legislation


ASUWB Constitution and ByLaws 

The Constitution and ByLaws can be found here

CCI Authorization 

CCI Findings


RESOLUTION 7.2: A resolution to select Sharel Satran as Febuary 2019 Student of the Month

RESOLUTION 3.2: A resolution to hold a quarterly forum for degree maps process with students at large.

RESOLUTION 3.1: A resolution to hold a Town Hall on the topic of Parking.

RESOLUTION 7.1: A resolution to select Duha Mohamed as January 2019 Student of the Month

RESOLUTION 8.4: A resolution in support of Callisto Sexual Assault Reporting Software, Adopted 1.8.2019

RESOLUTION 2.2: A resolution amending the wording around "Academic Term", Adopted 10.2.2018

RESOLUTION 2.1: A resolution amending our Treasurer’s Bylaws, Adopted 5.21.2018

RESOLUTION 8.3: Supporting the Addition of the Student Code of Conduct, Adopted 6.9.2015

RESOLUTION 8.2: Supporting the Addition of a UW Bothell Diversity and Equity Center, Adopted 5.26.2015

RESOLUTION 8.1: Supporting the Addition of a Campus Garden, Adopted 2.17.2015

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