Wellness Fest

What is Wellness Fest?

Wellness Fest is a campus-wide event that brings together students, campus, and community partners to promote mental health and student wellbeing at UW Bothell and Cascadia College. Wellness Fest is sponsored by Evergreen Health and the campus Health & Wellness Resource Center.

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The goals of Wellness Fest are to:

  • Decrease stigma and normalize help-seeking around mental health, through a lens of cultural humility
  • Provide tools and tips for improving mental health and ongoing self-care
  • Learn about on-campus and community wellness resources, and provide a forum for student feedback about these resources
  • Empower students to be proactive and confident in caring for themselves and others in their community
  • Celebrate the ways diverse identities promote community wellbeing

What can students do at Wellness Fest?

Wellness Fest will consist of an interactive wellness resource fair, along with workshops that promote emotional wellbeing.

Participants who attend the resource fair/workshops can enjoy FREE FOOD and enter to win PRIZES!

At the resource fair, students can:

  • Enjoy free food
  • Win prizes
  • More info coming soon!

At the workshops, students can:

  • Learn Tai Chi, an ancient Chinese tradition that is practiced as a graceful form of exercise. Often described as meditation in motion, tai chi promotes stress reduction and serenity through gentle, flowing movements.
  • Watch the movie Angst, a documentary that raises awareness around anxiety in young adults. 
  • Attend an 'Imposter Syndrome' workshop, where you can learn new skills and tools to increase your confidence and sense of belonging with experts from the campus Counseling Center

When is Wellness Fest?

The first annual Wellness Fest is Wednesday, May 8 2019.

  • Wellness resource fair | 11am - 2pm, ARC overlook
  • Workshops:
    • Imposter Syndrome | 10 - 11am, UW1-103
    • Tai Chi | 11am - 12pm, Plaza
    • Movie: Angst | 2 - 3:30pm, North Creek Event Center (NCEC)

Campus & Community Collaborators (2019)

  • Evergreen Health
  • Health & Wellness Resource Center at UWB/Cascadia
  • Counseling Center at UWB/Cascadia
  • HealthPoint Bothell
  • Miss Morning After
  • Lifelong
  • Planned Parenthood
  • Residence XII
  • United Way Benefits Hub
  • UW Legal Services
  • Other participants coming soon

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I attend Wellness Fest?

  • In addition to learning about resources and strategies to promote your wellbeing, you can also enjoy free food and enter for a chance to win prizes (details about prizes coming soon)!

What's the date and time of the event?

  • Wednesday, May 8th
    • Resource fair | 11am – 2pm, ARC 2nd floor overlook
    • Workshops
      • Imposter Syndrome | 10 - 11am, UW1-103
      • Tai Chi | 11 - 12pm, Plaza
      • Movie: Angst | 2 - 3:30pm, North Creek Event Center (NCEC)

Where on the campus will the event be located?

  • UW Bothell/Cascadia Campus - Activities and Recreation Center (ARC) Building, 2nd floor Overlook. View a campus map.

How will the event work?

  • Participants will receive a "Wellness Passport" when you enter the event. After you participate in an interactive activity at the tables in the resource fair and/or attend a workshop, you'll get a sticker on your passport. Students who receive at least 6 stickers and fill out all the information on the passport can then drop their passports in one of our collection bins to enter a drawing for prizes and get a ticket for free food! 

How and when will you announce the winners of the raffle?

  • We will announce the winners a couple of days after Wellness Fest, and you will receive notice by email.

As a student, how do I participate in Wellness Fest?

  • Just drop by the resource fair on May 8 from 11am-2pm in the ARC overlook, or one of the workshops. If you are interested in volunteering, please email hawrc@uw.edu. You do not have to register in advance for any of the activities at Wellness Fest.

What's the estimated attendance and who will attend Wellness Fest?

  • We expect approximately 200 students from UW Bothell and Cascadia College, along with campus staff, and community partners. See our list of collaborators for a complete list of participants.

Is there a cost for being an exhibitor?

  • There is no cost for exhibitors

Will you be providing a table/chairs for exhibitors?

  • Yes. You will be provided with 1 (6 ft) table with two chairs

What do I need to bring as an exhibitor?

  • Tablecloth, giveaways, literature/signage, supplies for your interactive activity, and anything else needed for outreach

Have you done this event before or is this the first time?

  • This is our first time. We are planning for it to become an annual event.

How is the event being promoted?

  • We will promote the event to UW Bothell and Cascadia College students through newsletters, emails, college calendars, classroom announcements, and targeted campaigns.