Wellness Fest

What is Wellness Fest?

Wellness Fest is a campus-wide event that takes place each Spring Quarter to bring together students, campus, and community partners to promote mental health and student wellbeing at UW Bothell and Cascadia College. Wellness Fest is sponsored by Evergreen Health and the campus Health & Wellness Resource Center.

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The goals of Wellness Fest are to:

  • Decrease stigma and normalize help-seeking around mental health, through a lens of cultural humility
  • Provide tools and tips for improving mental health and ongoing self-care
  • Learn about on-campus and community wellness resources, and provide a forum for student feedback about these resources
  • Empower students to be proactive and confident in caring for themselves and others in their community
  • Celebrate the ways diverse identities promote community wellbeing

What can students do at Wellness Fest?

At Wellness Fest, students can:

  • Win prizes
  • Enjoy free food
  • Get a free haircut
  • Enjoy a professional massage
  • Pet a therapy dog
  • Learn and practice yoga
  • Get connected with sexual health resources, including HIV testing, Plan B, and safer sex supplies
  • Increase your awareness of other on-campus and community resources to promote your wellbeing

What are students saying about Wellness Fest?

Our evaluation shows that after students attend Wellness Fest:

  • 96% are more aware of campus and community wellness resources
  • 91% are more aware of ways to promote their mental health and wellbeing
  • 86% feel more comfortable talking about mental health and wellbeing
  • 84% are more likely to ask for help

I liked the openness of everyone to talk about these issues

I loved that the activities and prizes were fun, informational, and something I actually needed


Campus & Community Collaborators (2019)

  • Evergreen Health
  • Health & Wellness Resource Center*
  • Counseling Center*
  • Career Services*
  • Crisis Connections
  • Diversity Center*
  • Evergreen Beauty College
  • HealthPoint Bothell
  • Health Educators Reaching Out (HEROs)*
  • Husky Pantry*
  • Lifelong
  • The Massage Team
  • Miss Morning After
  • Planned Parenthood
  • Recreation & Wellness*
  • Residence XII
  • United Way Benefits Hub*
  • UW Legal Services*
  • UW School of Dentistry
  • Violence Prevention & Advocate*
  • WithinReach*
  • ASUWB and CSG*

*On-campus resource at UW Bothell/Cascadia