Event Policies

ARC Event-Related Policies

The ARC is committed to working with you to create the best possible event experience. With that goal in mind, our team works hard to maintain the space for all users. To aid with this task, the following policies apply to all events in the ARC.

The complete ARC Building Policies & Procedures can be found on our Policy and Procedures web page


The use of alcohol for events within the ARC requires permits/forms to be submitted four weeks prior to event. In order to obtain a banquet permit for an event on campus, event organizer must complete the on-campus form as well as the state form. Both of these forms must be posted during the event. The event organizer is responsible for following all campus and state guidelines and regulations regarding the use of alcohol during the event.

Commercial Use:

The ARC may not be used for private or commercial purposes such as sales, advertising, charitable solicitations, or promotional activities unless such activities serve an educational purpose as determined by the Director of the ARC.

Event Decorations:

  • Balloons
    • Helium mylar balloons are not permitted.
    • Other types of helium balloons must be secured by weights.
    • All costs associated with removing stray balloons and/or repairs for damage caused by balloons tangled in fans will be charged to the event planner and/or their organization.
    • Please refrain from popping balloons in the ARC. Exit signs, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, fire pull alarms, and emergency lights cannot be decorated, covered, or obstructed in any way.
  • Candles
    • Approval for incense and flame candles must be obtained from ARC administration before the event. ARC administration reserve the right to deny or retract approval. If incense and flame candles are approved the following guidelines apply:
      • Sternos are permitted when used with chafing dishes to heat food.
      • All candles must be low flame and placed in a sturdy, tip resistant, non-combustible container with the flame tip 1" below the rim of the candle holder.
      • All readily combustible materials, such as drapes, curtains, or blinds must be secured at least three feet away from the flame.
      • Lighting devices such as tiki lamps, oil lamps, torches, etc. are prohibited inside the ARC.
    • Electronic candles are strongly recommended at the ARC.
  • Fire Code Guidelines
    • All doorways must be free of barricades; no objects may be blocking doors or hallways.
    • Exit signs, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, fire alarm pulls, and emergency lights cannot be decorated, covered, or obstructed.
  • Glitter, Confetti & Sprinkle Decorations
    • Using glitter, confetti, or mylar cutout/sprinkle type decorations is prohibited in the ARC.
  • Posting & Signage
    • Posting is only permitted on the glass with blue painters tape.
    • Directional signage must be pre-approved by ARC staff and can only be posted on the day of the event.
    • Signage may not block any entrances, exits, or disability door buttons. All fire code guidelines must be adhered to (see Fire Code section).
    • Push pins, paint, glue, staples and all other tapes are not allowed. 
    • Decorations must be removed by the end of a group’s reservation, including those decorations placed outside or near the ARC.

Event Reservation Cancellations:

Please see our Reservation Policies page.

Event Reservations for Rain Back Up:

Please see our Reservation Policies page.


  • Can food be served at events in the ARC?
    • Yes, if University of Washington Environmental Health & Safety (UW EH&S) food guidance is followed.
  • Do I need a food permit?
  • What type of food can be served in the ARC?
    • Permitted foods that do not require a Temporary Food Service permit included:
      • Shelf stable foods (pre-packaged foods from a licensed food establishment or food processing plant).
        • Permitted foods that require a Temporary Food Service Permit include:
          • Foods purchased from permitted restaurants or caterers with current county health department-issued operating permits.
          • Anything that isn't shelf stable.
  • Can food be cooked or prepared in the ARC?
    • No, the ARC does not have a permitted and inspected commercial prep or commissary kitchen. All food must be prepared before arrival.
  • Can we have food trucks at our event? 
    • Food trucks may be possible but must be reviewed and approved by ARC and UW EH&S. 
  • Is there a required caterer?
    • Aramark is an authorized caterer for events being held by UW Bothell departments, and a Temporary Food Service permit will not be required. All other groups are not required to use Aramark.
  • Is there anywhere to store food in the ARC?
    • Unfortunately, no commercially approved food equipment is available in the ARC. 
  • Are there any exceptions to the above guidelines?
    • A Temporary Food Service Permit MAY not be required if the following applies to your event:
      • The event is invitation-only and private (a non-UW organization) or limited to members for a small, closed campus group (e.g. a class or student club); and the event is not open or advertised (e.g. social media, email, poster, word of mouth) to the greater campus community of the public. 
    • Please contact phdept@uw.edu if unsure if food service at your event is exempt from a permit. 

Hallway and Stairways:

In compliance with fire and safety codes, hallways and stairwells must be free and clear of unauthorized items.