Applied Computing

Degree Requirements

Applied Computing Degree Requirements

Please view the Applied Computing Curriculum Sheet (pdf format) for a condensed overview.

Prerequisites (30 credits)

Core Requirements (30 credits)

Additional Requirements

Minor or Cluster Requirements (25 credits)

All Applied Computing students must take a minor or cluster of courses equal to at least 25 credits. Of these 25 credits:

  • Minimum of 15 credits must be at the 300-400 level

CSS Electives (25 credits)

All CSS electives must be at the 200-400 level. Of these 25 credits:

  • Minimum of 10 credits must be at the 400 level
  • Maximum of 10 credits are allowed at the 200 level
  • Maximum of 15 credits combined of CSS 397/495/498/499 or B IMD 495
  • Maximum of 10 credits combined of 490 (Special Topics)

300-400 Level Electives (10 credits)

  • May be CSS electives or electives from other types of coursework

University Requirements

All Area of Knowledge Requirements may overlap with the Applied Computing program requirements above.

  • Visual Literary and Performing Arts (15 credits)
  • Individuals and Societies (15 credits)
  • Diversity (3 credits)