Eric J. Helzer

Eric J. Helzer

MBA ’06
Apex Wine Cellars
Division Manager

Eric Helzer is a graduate of the University of Washington Bothell Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program. Eric received his MBA in 2006 and since then, has been on the fast track to the highest level of management within the company he works for, Apex Wine Cellars.

Currently Eric is the Division Manager at Apex, where he blends demands from customers with corporate direction from the CEO. Says Eric, “I align the look and feel of the products Apex offers to meet the demands of tomorrow.”

The title of Division Manager came to Eric while in his first year in the MBA program. The owners of Apex were so impressed by Eric’s dedication to the company and the new knowledge he was learning, that they offered him this exciting promotion.

Eric attributes his promotion to UW Bothell because of the technological knowledge that he acquired, which allows him to provide excellent advice and market foresight. These skills have permitted Apex to grow and begin work with larger corporations, such as Costco, and branch into online sales.

As Eric continues to work towards his next step at Apex, he participates as a member of the UW Bothell Alumni Council. Eric serves as the MBA representative to the council and enjoys volunteering his time, for he is dedicated to the career advancement of students and hopes to continue as a positive career mentor.

Adversity leads to personal growth Eric J. Helzer