Husky 5K

Getting Ready


Preparing for the 5K

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Or, follow some of these training tips:

Mental preparation

While most people focus on the physical training -- at least feeling comfortable jogging or walking 3 miles or so before the event -- mentally preparing is equally important.

Build stamina

The bottom line for training for a 5K is very simple. You just need to build up your long weekend run to about 4 miles. That will make the Husky 5K relatively easy to do.

Buddy system

No matter how excited you may be at the beginning, when motivation wanes, you need help fast. Get a friend to join you and help keep you on your toes when the going gets tough.

Tips for 5K training schedule

Rest days

You need to set aside two days a week as rest days. (Monday and Friday are popular choices)Rest is critical to your recovery and injury prevention efforts so don't skip your rest days. You can also get burned out if you run every day with no breaks.

Run days

After you warm up, run at a comfortable pace for the designated mileage. Make sure you take time to cool down and stretch after your run.

One day a week

Do a cross-training activity (biking, swimming, spin class, yoga, elliptical trainer, or other cardio activity) at easy to moderate effort for 30 to 40 minutes.


Take a few minutes once you are back home to reflect on how good it feels to be exercising again. It may not always be easy while we are doing it, but the feeling we have when you are done is one you’ll want to hold onto.

Last but not least

Remember that all this hard work not only benefits you but is helping hard-working students pay for their education. Every dollar raised at the Husky 5K goes towards student scholarships and means so much to them and their future!

Example 8-week Husky 5K beginner's training schedule 

Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
1 Rest 1 mi run Cross-Training 1.25 mi run Rest 1.5 mi run 20-30 min run
2 Rest 1.5 mi run Cross-Training 1.5 mi run Rest 1.75 mi run 20-30 min run
3 Rest 2 mi run Cross-Training 1.5 mi run Rest 2 mi run 20-30 min run
4 Rest 2.25 mi run Cross-Training 1.75 mi run Rest 2.25 mi run 25-35 min run
5 Rest 2.5 mi run Cross-Training 2 mi run Rest 2.5 mi run 25-35 min run
6 Rest 2.75 mi run Cross-Training 2.25 mi run Rest 2.75 mi run 35-40 min run
7 Rest 3 mi run Cross-Training 2.25 mi run Rest 3 mi run 35-40 min run
8 Rest 3 mi run Cross-Training 2.25 mi run Rest 1 mi light jog Husky 5K!!!!