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How to Register for Courses

How to Register for Courses

Registration is quick and easy to do, but there are a lot of details to consider. Registration is conducted entirely online. You can follow this link from the Registrar's Office to get started. 

If you have any questions, bring them to the Student Success Center, or contact the UWB Office of the Registrar. The Office of the Registrar has prepared a step-by-step tutorial that demonstrates the registration process.

The first thing you need to get started at the UW Bothell once you have been admitted is to send in a completed Enrollment Confirmation Form, as well as the New Student Enrollment and Orientation Fee (NSEOF). It may take several weeks for us to process your material, but once we do, you will receive a Private Access Code that allows you to create a UW NetID. Once you have created your UW NetID you are free to sign up for an Advising & Orientation session. 

Any additional fees you incur during orientation will be billed to your tuition account. You will also need to submit a Measles Immunity Verification form no later than two weeks before your Advising & Orientation session.

You will register for your first quarter courses when you attend your Advising & Orientation session. You can change your schedule afterwards, but you cannot register for courses beforehand. If you do not attend a session, you will not be able to register for courses until the beginning of the quarter.

Getting Started with MyUW

MyUW is a website that will connect you to all University of Washington web services. It is an easy-to-use tool for finding the resources you need. Before you can access it, you must create your UW NetID. This single log-in will give you access to all UW services. It will also be your email address, i.e. "" You can create your NetID as soon as you receive a Private Access Code through the mail.
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The Time Schedule

The UW Time Schedule lists all the classes offered for credit of a particular quarter. Each quarter's schedule is available about a month before Registration Period I begins. It is updated daily and is subject to change. You can get the up-to-the-minute status of any section by clicking on the five-digit Schedule Line Number to the far left of the screen.


Courses in the Time Schedule are listed alphabetically by schools (Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, Business, etc.) and then alphabetically within each school. If a course isn't listed, it isn't being offered this quarter. Check the Course Descriptions for listings of all classes offered regardless of quarter.

The colored title bar lists the abbreviation for the department (e.g., in the above sample, BIS = Interdisciplinary Studies); the course number (e.g., 255); the title (e.g., CRITICAL DIVERSITY), which is linked to the course description, including prerequisites; requirements this course fulfills (e.g., BIS 255 counts for Individuals and Societies and Diversity); and whether the course has a prerequisite and/or has cancellation in effect (not seen in this sample).

Some courses have more than one lecture offered. Lectures are always indicated by a single letter (e.g., in the sample above, "A"). Further lectures would proceed with B, C, etc.
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Open/Closed Courses

The sections of each course that are closed (full) are shaded out. This shading is updated only once each day, at midnight, so it might not be correct at the moment you are reading the Time Schedule. But it does give you an overall idea of how things are going. In the sample below, BIS 316 is shaded out as closed.


For the Current Section Status of a course, click on the schedule line number. This takes you to more detailed information about the course and the "real-time" enrollment status. BIS 316 was closed when the Time Schedule was updated at midnight, but it may be that when you click on the SLN you will see that the course is now open. Similarly, a course that looks open may in fact now be closed, and you will see that if you click on the SLN.

Another way to check for open and closed classes is the Enrollment Summary. To get to the Enrollment Summary, click on the Enrollment Summary link in the top right corner of each department's Time Schedule listing. The Enrollment Summary is a list of the courses offered by the department with the current (real-time) enrollment status of each section of each course.   

Notify UW

Want to receive a text message or email when space becomes available in a course during the quarter registration process?

A new, free tool called Notify.UW does just that. It's integrated into the UW Time Schedule and MyUW and will help you register for high-demand courses as well as collect valuable information that can be used to adjust course offerings. Watch the"how-to" video and then subscribe.

Notify.UW is provided by UW-IT in collaboration with the Office of the Registrar.

About Registration Periods

For information about registration periods, check out the Add & Drop Course Periods page. 

Veteran Priority Registration

Starting in Winter 2014, any continuing student who shows as Veteran=Y on the SRF305 in SDB can register on the first day of registration, regardless of his/her class standing. 
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