For New Students

New Student Checklist

New Student Checklist

There's a lot to do to prepare for your academic career at the University. Making sure you have thought about all of these areas will help your first quarter go smoothly.

Activate UW NetID Basic Services

As an entering student at the UW, you will need to establish your University identity, called a UW NetID, and password that allows you to access your personal information, email, and campus services. If you did not create a UW NetID and password during the admission process, please visit the UW NetID page, and follow the instructions.

Part of the UW NetID creation process will be the activation of your University email account. The University will use this account to share a great deal of important information with you, including your Advising & Orientation registration confirmation, your electronic bill for tuition, and correspondence from UW instructors.

You should activate and check your UW email account on a regular basis. Your UW email address demonstrates your professional identity as a student, and a member of the UW community. Many instructors will not respond to emails that do not come from UW addresses.

IMPORTANT: Although it is possible to forward mail sent to this account to another email account we strongly recommend that you do not forward messages sent to your UW email. Antispam filters utilized by many email providers often inaccurately label mail sent from the University as spam. If you choose to forward your UW mail to another email account it is likely that you will miss important communications from the UW.

Take Any Necessary Placement Tests

In order to register for some classes, you will need to complete the Directed Self-Placement. The philosophy behind the Directed Self Placement (DSP) model is to provide students with agency and choice, knowing that with the right guidance and information on the program and course options, most students will make good placement choices. All DSPs will need to be completed at least 48 hours before your Advising & Orientation session:

All new UW Bothell students must demonstrate English proficiency before they can register for classes. Please visit the English Language Proficiency webpage to determine if you've fulfilled the requirement and what to do if you haven't.

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Submit Your AP and IB Scores

If you've already requested that your Advanced Placement and/or International Baccalaureate scores be sent to UW Bothell, they will be evaluated and any credits awarded will be posted automatically to your student record. The awards UW Bothell grants for each exam are listed in our AP credit tables and IB credit tables. If you haven't had your scores sent to UW Bothell, follow the instructions at the College Board website (for AP) or the International Baccalaureate website.

UW Bothell usually receives AP and IB scores and posts credit in early July. You'll be able to see the credit posted on your Unofficial Transcript in MyUW. If your credit isn't posted by late July, we recommend you contact Admissions for assistance.

Submit Your Final Transcripts

If you have earned college credits at any other institution, have a final transcript sent to Admissions as soon as all your courses and degrees have been recorded.

As soon as your transfer credit is added to your academic record, you can access it via MyUW by selecting Unofficial Transcript. Just in case a transfer credit evaluation has not been added to your academic record by the time of your Advising & Orientation session, you should bring unofficial copies of your college transcripts to help plan your course schedule.

First-year students also need to send their final high school transcripts.

Decide Where You Will Live

The UWB Housing & Residential Life website has information about on-campus housing and application deadlines. Students can apply for on-campus housing through the website.

Register for an Advising & Orientation Session

Advising & Orientation (A&O) sessions provide new students with an introduction to the places, people and programs that make UW Bothell a special community. A&O sessions (and Autumn quarter classes) are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so register as soon as possible to get the best selection of programs. New students are required to attend an A&O session.

Sign up for Parent Orientation

Members of your family are invited to attend an optional Parent Orientation session to learn more about student life at UW Bothell. Registration can be completed online at the same time the student registers for Advising & Orientation or family members are welcome to contact Orientation and Transition Programs (425-352-5266; 
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Note Your Residence Classification

Note your residency status on the Enrollment Confirmation Acknowledgment you received. If you are classified as a "nonresident" and you believe you qualify for Washington State resident status, you may apply for a change of status by contacting the Office of the Registrar.

Update your Student Directory Information

Important mailings from the University are sent according to information in the Student Directory. It is imperative that you keep your information updated in the directory so that you will receive timely and appropriate contact. In particular, the address listed in the directory is used to mail Registration Confirmation and financial aid information.

You can update your contact information on MyUW; select Change of Address.

Privacy Considerations

The University will routinely release student directory information, unless the student requests otherwise. Directory information is defined as student's name, telephone number, email address, major field of study, dates of attendance, degrees and awards received, and, for members of athletic teams, place and date of birth, weight, and height. If you wish to restrict access to this information, so that your name and telephone number do not appear in the Student Directory, you may do so in MyUW. In such cases, the University will release no information, including dates of attendance and degrees granted, without a written release from the student. You can change your authorization at any point in MyUW.

More Things to Do

Before Your First Quarter Begins:

  • Review materials you received at your A&O session. Many of these will contain critical information about academic planning and registration that will be useful to you in future quarters.

During Your First Quarter:

  • Research majors and learn more about the admission process for ones that interest you. Some majors you may be considering require sequenced courses that must be taken early in your academic career. Some are highly competitive, while others have minimum requirements.
  • Get to know study resources early, like the Writing and Communication Center, the Quantitative Skills Center and the Open Learning Lab. If you feel you need help in a course, you will want to get it early. Using these resources is also a great way to form study groups.
  • Check course prerequisites and take a placement test if required. You may not register for a class without meeting the prerequisite.
  • Make an advising appointment. Begin building your educational team as you consider your options and begin to make decisions about your future.
  • Be prompt about registering for winter quarter on the date you see on MyUW. Courses fill fast; being prepared and registering on time gives you the best chance to get classes you want.
  • Visit a professor, TA, or department advisor during office hours. Starting early, we ask—and encourage—our students to become purposeful and strategic about their education and their future.
  • Set a schedule for yourself that puts your priorities first and stick to it. Check in partway through the quarter to see how it's going and whether or not you need to make adjustments. 
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