The Campaign for UW Bothell

Research & Innovation


You can make a greater impact

through research and innovation

UW Bothell is a remarkable teaching university. We are also home to outstanding faculty who are committed to involving students in research that will improve lives in ways we’ve not yet begun to imagine. 

Today, three-quarters of all faculty members include students in their research endeavors — heads and shoulders above most universities — but we know even more opportunities can be realized with increased donor support. Your gift will help spur research and innovation that will address the challenges of our world.

Giving to research & innovation at UW Bothell will increase student involvement through stipends and undergraduate fellowships, as well as faculty recruitment and release-time to explore research ideas. Supporting research and innovation also allows us to expand our network of community and industry research partners, encouraging a reciprocal exchange of knowledge and resources. Click here to see opportunities to support research and innovation.


“This project will have a tremendous impact on the community – it is important.”

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