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From healthcare to human rights, and supply chain to climate change, UW Bothell faculty and students are tackling every major issue facing society today, and your support helps make it possible. Join us in making an impact by supporting the most urgent needs of UW Bothell students today.

10 years of impact

The Campaign for UW Bothell ended on June 30, 2020, but our work continues. Visit the Campaign Stories page to revist highlights from the Campaign for UW Bothell.

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Black Opportunity Fund

The Black Opportunity Fund at UW Bothell invests in services and programs for the health and academic success of Black Students. Learn more about the Black Opportunity Fund.

COVID-19 Student Emergency Fund

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, many UW Bothell students have lost jobs or support they need to pay for their education and living expenses. Read about the impact the Emergency Fund has had on our students.

UW Bothell Husky Pantry

The Husky Pantry is a resource for all UW Bothell students who might be between paychecks or just need some extra resources to get through the week or month. Learn more about the Husky Pantry.