District Legislators

Washington State 1st District Legislators

UW Bothell is in District 1 and we are currently represented by Senator Rosemary McAuliffe and Representatives Luis Moscoso and Derek Stanford. The 1st Legistlative District includes Bothell,

ASUWB meeting with 1st District Legislators (August, 2014)

Senator Rosemary McAuliffe (D)

The Senator has over 30 years dedicated to the education community and has worked hard to better Washington’s public schools and prepare students for life surrounded by new and emerging technology. She is a staunch advocate for students, teachers, and parent involvement in their child’s educational career.

Early Learning & K-12 Education (Ranking Member)
Higher Education

Phone: 360-786-7600
Email: rosemary.mcauliffe@leg.wa.gov

Representative Derek Stanford (D)

The representative has a PhD in Statistics from the University of Washington and currently is the Director of Analytics at a telecom company. He has run small businesses providing consulting and he was the Principal Investigator on two research projects. The Representative also was the Director of Analytics a company specializing in fraud detection in the mortgage industry.

Capital Budget (Vice Chair)
Agriculture & Natural Resources
Business & Financial Services

Business & Financial Services
Phone: 360-786-7928
Email: Derek.stanford@leg.wa.gov

Representative Luis Moscoso (D)

Luis was born in Dubuque, Iowa and is a first generation Peruvian-American. He has worked with teens, youth, and others to develop communities in Snohomish County. He founded the communities of color coalition, and currently organizes with the Snohomish County Citizen’s Committee for Human Rights. He has passed legislation aimed at keeping at-risk youth out of gangs by focusing on prevention and intervention tactics in schools and community centers. The Representative is the first person of color to represent the 1st legislative District.

Transportation (Vice Chair)
Government Accountability & Oversight
Public Safety

Phone: 360-786-7900
Email: luis.moscoso@leg.wa.gov