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Creating global opportunities for students

She wanted to study abroad. She wanted to earn a degree in nursing. She wanted to sing and share her happiness. Anna Bui was blooming into the woman she aspired to become when her life tragically ended.

Anna’s family and friends hope that creating an endowment fund at UW Bothell will assist students similar to Anna – those aspiring to work in health care and are interested in obtaining a global perspective on it – but who might not be able to afford this experience. video of anna bui story created by King5 NewsThe Anna Bui World of Hope Fund will provide financial support to eligible students for off-setting the cost of a study abroad or other global experiences, that would otherwise be unable due to financial hardship. Preference for this scholarship is given towards students who are interested in pursuing a career in the healthcare field. 

Support of the Anna Bui World of Hope Fund is a way for the community, including high school friends, UW Bothell classmates, people who sang in a choir with Anna and others, to keep her aspirations alive.

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If you have questions, or to learn more please contact Sean Marsh, Director of Alumni Relations and Philanthropy.


"Life is so wonderful. Don't waste it. Love and accept yourself because you are only you and that should be enough. You are beautiful and special in your own way. Don't ever let anyone tell you differently. Keep your head up and be proud of who you are because you are loved.” Anna Bui

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“Anna always had her way with people; it’s hard not to like her. It could be anyone from her employer to someone she just met traveling the world. The endowment is one way to give back in Anna’s name.” David Bui, brother.
“She was loving and she was funny. She would see the good in everyone. She wanted to dedicate her life to other people and bettering the world. She made an impact on everyone. I can see that in the community coming together. So we have to do something for her.” Anny Bui, sister.

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In our Discovery Core Class: Music & Philosophy, we had a group project where we had to create a band. That’s when Beardslee Blvd formed. All of us were able to create music, sing, strum the guitar, laugh, joke, and truly express ourselves together as first year students. We’ll never forget how Anna made us feel, we can’t thank her enough. On our campus, Anna will always be remembered in her most happiest and joyful times, because that’s the Anna we all came to love. Leah Shin

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I was lucky enough to have Anna Bui in two courses this past academic year, Interdisciplinary Writing and Research Writing. Anna was a bright light in both classes. She was incredibly intelligent and always had a ready smile, which is the picture of her I keep in mind. In addition, she had a wonderful attitude about all of the work that I sent her direction, all of which she completed with absolute integrity and excellence. She was sweet and friendly, and always helpful to others. In June, I met with her to discuss her aspirations for a career in medicine , which is an indicator of both the height of her aspirations and her desire to be of help to her community. Kris Kellejian, Ph.D.