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College Awareness Day

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SATURDAY, MARCH 16, 2019College Awareness Day is a day for students to explore opportunities in higher education and learn about diversity and inclusion. High school students will connect with UW Bothell students, staff, faculty, and community leaders to celebrate our racial and ethnic identities and discuss the importance of diversity in education.

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We are proud to welcome high school students from all walks of life, as we discuss topics around college awareness and intersectionalities in identity with respect to access and success in higher education.



The day will be broken up into two halves. The first half of the day, students will follow their affinity track (ACES, BOLD, DALE, PIPE, or RAIN), where as a group you will experience a mock university class and an empowering workshop. The second half of the day, all students will come together to explore the college fair and select from a variety of afternoon breakout sessions.

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Opening Keynote Speaker

Dr. Michael Benitez - nationally-acclaimed activist-scholar, practitioner, and educator

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