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College 101 Dictionary

This dictionary was prepared by the University of Washington Bothell’s Office of Admissions to provide prospective college students with a better understanding of commonly used terms when searching for and applying to colleges and applying for financial aid. The dictionary is organized into sections that make understanding these terms easier for every step of your journey as you begin your college career.

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Application Process


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Application Process

Will I be notified when my application file is complete?
Students are not automatically notified when transcripts and other supplemental admission application information are received by our office. If your application file is incomplete, you will be notified by email about what is missing and how to properly send it to us. To check whether we have received documents or whether you application file is complete, students are welcome to send an email to uwbinfo@uw.edu requesting an application status update. Please note that some transcript orders can take several weeks to process, so it is helpful if you wait at least two weeks from the date of order before asking us if we have received an official transcript.   

How much does it cost to apply to UW Bothell?
The application fee for domestic students is $60 and for international students it is $75.

I sent you my transcript before I applied. Why did I get a message that I still need to send my transcript(s) when I submitted my application?
When a transfer application is submitted, an automatic email from college net is sent to the applicant as a reminder to submit transcripts. If you already sent your transcript(s) then you can ignore this message.  If we find we are missing any documents needed to process your application, you receive an email directly from our Office of Admissions explaining what we need from you. 

Is a high school transcript required from transfer applicants with more than 40 credits?
An official high school transcript will be requested from transfer applicants who need to show completion of two years of the same world language and/or the completion of intermediate algebra when these core admission requirements are not satisfied from the college transcript(s). If a high school transcript is requested to complete your application file and you are not sure why it is needed, you are welcome to contact us for clarification at uwbinfo@uw.edu.

Do I need to provide college transcripts with non-transferable credits with my application?
An official transcript must be submitted for ALL prior regionally accredited colleges where you attempted or completed any credits. Our admission specialists will determine whether the credits are transferable to the UW. Check your college accreditation here.

How long will it take to hear if I have been admitted?
Applicants will be notified about their admission status within 6-9 weeks after their application is completed. An application is complete when we have all the documents and any other supplemental materials needed (e.g., transcripts, test scores, letters of recommendation) to make an admission decision.

How can I prove English proficiency?
Please refer to the English Proficiency page.

What if I did not do well on the TOEFL?
You can take the TOEFL as many times as you like until you receive a passing score of 92 or better. Your application will be considered as "Incomplete" until the English proficiency is fulfilled. You do not need to wait to reapply each time you take the TOEFL. You can rrefer to the English Proficiency page on our website for additional options available to satisfy this admission requirement.

What should I write about in my personal statement?
All transfer applicants must write a personal statement and submit it with their application for admission. The personal statement should be a comprehensive narrative essay outlining significant aspects of your academic and personal history, particularly those that provide context for your academic achievements and educational choices. Both the quality of writing and depth of content contribute toward a meaningful and relevant personal statement.

The personal statement should address the following:

  • Tell us about your college career to date, describing your performance, educational path, and choices you have made.
  • Discuss your intended major, how you became interested in this subject, and applicable career aspirations. Note: if you are still undecided on a major, explain why you would like to transfer to UW Bothell before declaring a major.
  • Describe any relevant experience you have had in your field of interest (e.g., employment, internships, military service, volunteer work, campus or civic activities, etc.), what you have gained from your involvement, and how such experiences would contribute to the UW Bothell community.
  • How will attending UW Bothell prepare you for your future endeavors and specifically why you are interested in completing your 4-year degree at UW Bothell?
  • Describe any personal or imposed challenges or hardships you have overcome in pursuing your education (if applicable). Examples: a serious illness, a disability, first in your family to attend college, significant financial hardship or responsibilities associated with balancing work/family/school, multiple transfers, non-traditional or returning student.

Please visit our Personal Statement page for additional assistance and to see the specific personal statements required for some of our majors.

How do I find out which credits/classes I have already completed are accepted by UW Bothell to meet specific bachelor degree requirements?
Newly admitted transfer students who have paid the enrollment deposit will be able to register to attend an advising orientation. All incoming transfer students must attend this half-day orientation program before they can register for classes. Visit the Transfer Advising and Orientation page for more specific information about the event.  Advisors in your major will assist you in determining what you should enroll in your first quarter.  For students transferring from a 4-year university or out-of-state college, additional advising appointments may be required after your orientation for a complete credit evaluation and degree audit.  This is not something that you can accomplish at any time prior to attending the new student orientation program.  Admission advisors are not able to assist prospective transfer students with this type of evaluation; they can only advise on admission criteria being met.


What kind of scholarships do you offer for Transfer Students?
UW Bothell does offer scholarships for transfer students. For more information, click here.

When will financial aid be distributed?
If you submitted your FAFSA by January 15, you will receive your First Year Student award letter sometime between mid March and early April through your MyUW Account. For more information about financial aid and scholarships or to speak to a representative, please email uwbfaid@uw.edu or call 425-352-5240.

What do I need to know about Financial Aid before I transfer to UW Bothell?
Please visit our Financial Aid website for specific information important for transfer students. There is also a Frequently Asked Questions section with additional information for transfer students. After reading through the information on our website, if you have additional questions or concerns, you are welcome to contact our Financial Aid Office directly by email: uwbfaid@uw.edu or call 425-352-5240.

When should I complete the Free Application for Financial Aid (FAFSA)?
You should submit your FAFSA by the January 15 priority deadline and make sure to select University of Washington as one of your colleges (code 003798 – same for all three UW campuses). For some transfer students, this is an entire year or more prior to the intended quarter of transfer so you must plan way ahead! For complete instructions and more detailed information about the FAFSA, visit our Financial Aid page and  review the Financial Aid Frequently Asked Questions page.

Do not wait until you have filed your federal income tax returns to submit the FAFSA. Instead, use estimated numbers to complete the FAFSA. You will have an opportunity to correct any errors later and will be required to update the application after your taxes are filed. Be sure to check the “will file” box. The US Department of Education will send an email reminder in April to update the FAFSA information after your federal income tax returns have been filed.

What is the Husky Promise?
To ensure that the UW remains affordable, the Husky Promise guarantees that full tuition and standard fees will be covered by grant or scholarship support for eligible students. These grants and scholarships do not have to be repaid.  Please visit the Husky Promise page for more information and eligibility requirements.

UW Bothell Academics

Who teaches UW Bothell classes?
Classes at UW Bothell are taught by highly qualified and experienced professors who love teaching as much as they do participating in world-renowned research. Students work closely with their professors and peers in a variety of learning activities, including the opportunity to help faculty members conduct research.

While enrolling at the University, is there a minimum of courses that a student needs to take in order to stay enrolled?
Just one!

What student resources will be available to me if I attend?
There are many different support services and resources available to help students succeed in their studies. Some of the more popular services include:

Do I have access to the libraries on the UW Seattle campus?
Yes. Along with access to over 90,000 books in the UW Bothell library, students have access to the entire UW library system which includes over 7,000,000 titles. Additionally, students have access to the UW WorldCat, a search system that includes libraries in Washington state, Oregon, and worldwide.

Can I take classes at the other University of Washington campuses?
We do a cross-campus enrollment. All undergraduate students enrolled at one UW campus may register for courses at another UW campus on a space-available basis. 

Do I need my own laptop?
UW Bothell provides access to computers on campus for almost all your needs, including two computer labs, Mac and Dell, and multiple workstations around the campus. Additionally, UW Bothell students are able to check out laptops from the library. If you have a laptop, our campus is completely wireless, which means you can access the Internet from anywhere on campus for free.

Student Life

When/where do I get my Husky Card?
Students get their get their Husky Card at orientation or by visiting the Welcome Desk at Husky Hall. Please be sure to bring your UW Bothell student number and a valid photo ID.

What student life activities are offered at UW Bothell?
There are many opportunities for students to get involved outside of the classroom, including such popular events as comedy shows, concerts, movie nights, cooking classes, weekend outings, and much, much more.  We have over 90 diverse student clubs and organizations you can join. If you have a particular interest that doesn't match a current club, you can start your own.  A campus Fitness Center with state-of-the-art equipment is available to students.  UW Bothell also offers a variety of recreational sports along with wellness programs.

What recreational sports are available on campus?
UW Bothell offers recreational sports that include Basketball, Flag Football, Indoor and Outdoor Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, Tennis, and Coed Softball just to name a few.  This is a fantastic opportunity to be a part of a team that bleeds purple and gold!

Can I buy student tickets for Intercollegiate Athletic games on the Seattle campus?
Yes, UW Bothell students are very much Huskies and have access to student pricing on tickets for all athletic events.

What are my transportation options to get to campus?
There are many different ways to get to campus: bus, bike, carpool, walk, skip or drive. Many bus routes serve the UW Bothell campus.

How safe is campus?
The UW Bothell campus is very safe. Security officers patrol by bike, car, and on foot. Additionally, security officrs are available to escort students to and from their cars.

What is there to do in the greater Seattle area?
Metropolitan Seattle is very hip and eclectic, offering a variety of fun things to do and see.

Note: Any document submitted to the Office of Admissions to supplement the application becomes part of the official admissions record and cannot be released back to the student.