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Oscar Ponce



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Q & A

  • Question: What major did you intend to do when you first started here?
    • Answer: "I was undecided as to which major to purse when I first started here at UW Bothell. I remember taking a Business Statistics class with one of my all-time favorite professors, Donald Perry, simply because I had fresh knowledge of Stats from high school. Little did I know that by talking to him after class would help me my find my path towards choosing to major in business."
  • Question: What do you hope to do when you graduate?
    • Answer: "I want my words to take me places. I plan on getting paid to travel the world by marketing a company’s product or by spreading the word of their mission by strengthening relationships with partners overseas."
  • Question: What do you like about UW Bothell?
    • Answer: "I really like how different opportunities are much more available to me simply because there are not 50,000 other students competing for similar opportunities. I mean, how many college students can say that they got a campus job, studied abroad, have met and gone out for coffee with company CEO’s all within their first year of college? Not many, but I can as well as many UW Bothell students."
  • Question: What is your favorite UW Bothell event? 
    • Answer: "Last year there was a really awesome event called Night Fest, which basically served as a big tabling event for all the student clubs on campus. I really enjoyed talking with different club officers, socializing with friends, as well as meeting new people. I also got henna done on my arm, learned and ate food from different cultures and I even got to make ice cream out of a zip lock bag."
  • Oscar playing the clarinet and another of him working on a computerQuestion: Do you have an on campus job? If so, what is it, and what are the benefits to working on campus?
    • Answer: "I work for Club Council under the department of Student Engagement and Activities (SEA). What is great about working for SEA is that you fully aware of most, if not all, events that are happening on campus because you work in the Involvement and Leadership Office (ARC 130) and share the space with the student organization who is running the event or you and your team are the ones planning the event."
  • Question: Do you have any advice for students interested in coming to UW Bothell?
    • Answer: "If you are not living in housing, then try to make friends people in housing. That way you have an extra place to go if you ever have a long gap period between classes or if you want to attend an evening event on campus, like a dance, and don’t feel like driving home and back."
  • Question: What is a random fact about you?
    • Answer: "I had the pleasure of meeting Ken Colling, President and CEO of Goodwill during a networking event put on through my Youth Aerospace Program. After chatting with him for about 15 minutes I asked him to write me a letter of recommendation and he did!"
  • Question: Where are your favorite places to hang out in the Bothell area?
    • Answer: "My favorite place to hangout would be my apartment, which is basically right across the street from campus. I like to bring friends over and play Mario Kart, watch TV shows on Hulu and cook together."