Student Voices


Nykole Mitchell


Q & A

  • Question: What major did you intend to start with?
    • Answer: "I wanted to do Nursing, but I knew UWB didn’t have that at Nykole smiling and forming a W with her index finder and thumbthe time, and I wasn’t all that certain as to what I wanted to do."
  • Question: How many times did you change your major? 
    • Answer: "Once."
  • Question: What do you hope to do when you graduate? 
    • Answer: "I would like to stay in the Seattle area and work for a major company that’s based in Seattle, like Boeing, Amazon, or Microsoft."
  • Question: What is a random fact about you? 
    • Answer: "I spell my name Nykole."
  • Question: What is your favorite movie(s)? 
    • Answer: "She’s the Man, Law Abiding CitizenApocalypto, and Tarzan
  • Question: What do you like about UW Bothell? 
    • Answer: "I like UWB because of the small class sizes and how I am not just a number but a student who can get to know their professor."
  • Question: What has been the best class you've taken? 
    • Answer: "My favorite classes at UW Bothell have been the dance classes I have taken. I really enjoyed it because I was able to express myself and, of course, the minimal stress compared to a lecture class."
  • Question: What is your favorite thing to do on campus?
    • Answer: "My favorite thing to do at UWB is go on the trails that are in our backyard."
  • Question: How are you involved on the campus?
    • Answer: "I am involved in a lot of ways. I am involved in Residential Life, as well as many clubs, like DECA, International Student Facilitator (ISF), ISF-tutoring, intramural sports, the Cooking Club, and the African American Student Union."
  • Question: What advice would you give a high school student about going to college?
    • Answer: "Some advice would be time management as well as try something new and something that may be outside your comfort zone that is positive, like studying abroad."