Alumni Voices



Hometown: Everett, WA

Graduation Year: 2013

Major: Computer Science and Software Engineering

How many times did you change your major? Only once. When I was attending community college I was first considering entering the medical field or pursuing a veterinary degree. I took quite a few prerequisites before I realized that I was actually quite squeamish. It was around this time that I also enrolled in an introductory programming course, which seemed to be a perfect match for me!

If you could have one super power what would it be? That's a tough question! My first thought would be the ability to fly, but it would be really cool to be able to perform magic or have the ability to manipulate the elements.


Meet Nina! Being fresh out of UW Bothell, Nina was quickly picked up by Amazon to work as a Software Developer Engineer in the Web Services Division. She will have a unique perspective into life beyond the classroom and learning the ropes at our local Fortune 500 company!

Check out her blog here!