UW Bothell COVID-19 Admissions Information

This page contains information specific to University of Washington Bothell Admissions. For information on the novel coronavirus, visit the University of Washington’s novel coronavirus page.

The University of Washington Bothell no longer requires SAT or ACT scores

The University of Washington Bothell will not require standardized tests, such as the SAT and ACT, for applicants entering in autumn quarter 2021 and beyond (read the January 27, 2021 announcement for more information).  Students who have taken the exams are welcome to send their scores, however, there is absolutely no advantage or disadvantage in doing so. 

Will not submitting an SAT or ACT disadvantage me as an applicant? 

Not submitting an SAT or ACT will not harm any applicant in the review process. 

How will 2020 schedule changes due to COVID-19 impact my admissibility to the UW Bothell? 

At the UW we use a holistic review process which allows our readers to take context into consideration when reviewing applications. In our review of applications over the next couple of years, we will be conscious of the COVID-19 disruption that may have been caused for individual students and will be compassionate in our review of their performance during this period of time. 

How will Pass/No Pass or Credit/No Credit grading for Spring 2020 affect my admissibility to the UW Bothell? 

We have asked UW Bothell programs that require letter grades for pre-requisite courses to make exceptions for students with C/NC grades in courses taken during Winter or Spring Quarter of 2020. This will apply to any courses taken during those two quarters, regardless of whether they were taken as a regular Community College student or as a Running Start student.  

Educators, if your school is able, we recommend designating the change on the transcript so the Office of Admissions is aware when reviewing final transcripts. 

Does the UW Bothell convert a “Pass” to a B grade (3.0)? 

The UW Bothell does not change a “Pass” to a B grade (3.0) and a “Pass” does not impact the cumulative GPA in our holistic review. 

Are international applicants still required to submit a TOEFL or IELTS score? 

International students are required to submit English proficiency exam scores that meet the UW Bothell’s admission requirement

To provide more flexibility for our applicants, the UW Bothell Office of Admissions has expanded the English Proficiency options to include the results from the Duolingo, English 3, or iTEP exams. These additional options are available to candidates applying for admission to any quarter up to and including Autumn 2021. 

Are campus visits, tours and information sessions  being offered? 

Campus tours are available on weekdays. We invite you to register for a campus tour, phone appointment with an admissions advisor and/or register for a virtual information session