Mim Phillips

Mim Phillips

Position: Director of the Center for International Education

Phone: (425)-352-5309

Hometown: Hong Kong

Education: B.S. in Business Administration Marketing and Management from Chapman University; graduate of KLC School of Design in London; M.S. in Organizational Leadership and International Management
 from CSU Gloabal

Favorite Movies: Any movie with Denzel Washington

Favorite Books: "Tipping Pont" by Malcom Gladwell and "Four Quartets" by T.S. Eliot

“In my end is my beginning.”
-T.S. Eliot

Favorite Restaurant in Bothell: Beardslee Public House

Favorite College Experience: My internships.

Favorite WA Activity: Hiking

Main Attraction at UW Bothell: The Activities and Recreation Center.

Advice for Prospective Students: Aim high and stay focused.